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  2. I agreed with most also, but I'm guessing he never played with a Walter PK380. It was the 380easy before smith did it. Yea the revolver bs does need to stop. Hell I can't and won't spend the time to get good with 1
  3. Yesterday
  4. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says. Some of it is different and relevant to their experience level. But this is a good video. Especially to the revolver nonsense. That’s some boomer fudd BS that needs to go away.
  5. Last week
  6. Go figure. That’s BS. I wish they’d pass constitutional carry here. It’ll probably never happen tho.
  7. Nope 😩 We are May Issue, but it’s like 4-5 people total have gotten approved. All either former LEO or politicians.
  8. I’m guessing Hawaii recognizes none?
  9. Shoulda coulda woulda. No one knew they were gonna reach the prices they have. My dad had a few he sold in 88-89 for pennies compared what he could’ve gotten had he waited.
  10. He bought it cause it was unfired. The mp5 wasn't. He also passes on a mini gun for 20k right before the ban. That fucker would sell for 450k now
  11. Oh wow. Yeah that wasn’t very smart. That MP5 would damn near pay for a college education nowadays. The Macs are climbing but not very fast.
  12. Agreed I enjoy shooting dad's M11/9 with a can and subs but would be much more fun if it were closed bolt. Still don't know why he bought the NIB mac instead of a 1 mag mp5 for the same price lol
  13. Nah. Machine guns are fun but I can think of more entertaining things to spend that sort of money on. Now if I won the lotto or something, different story. But otherwise I’ll pass. I’ve shot enough machine guns to have the itch satisfied.
  14. You could get a mac11 and slap a lage on it lol.
  15. What state did you get your ccw from?
  16. Nevermind the $8k-$10k minimum price tag for a 9mm subgun.....
  17. 9 mm prices are good now, so... Do it!
  18. I’d go through even more 9mm per year!
  19. I think they sell Mechanix at the local Home Depot and Lowe’s. With things getting colder up there, I’m sure gloves will be helpful
  20. I picked a pair of gloves today at Home Depot made by Milwaukee. Thin suede on the finger tips with another layer leather on the side closest to the cylinder. A little padding on the palm
  21. As far as velocity goes. I chrono tested the same load off 44 mag from a 6”, 10” and a 1895 marlin the velocity went up as the barrel length went up. Gained about 200 FPS from short to long.
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