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  2. It's got a good flavor but a touch too warm
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  4. Danatkins

    Rmr give away

    Just looking on Instagram a minute ago and saw this https://wn.nr/T8n5Wg
  5. Last week
  6. vic_b

    Hot sauce

    The next batch is even hotter. Going to shop around for some milder peppers this weekend.
  7. While stupid, and quite frankly unconstitutional in my opinion, it's worth paying the $200 and getting a real stock. The wait is awful right now though. I'm at 7 months on a form 1. I just checked this morning and it's still pending. I don't even bother checking on my Form 4s.
  8. I agree completely. Would love to put an Ace entry or a MTF minimal on it but just not worth it .
  9. Had a glass of woodford tonight. I'll be glad when this is gone much prefer my maker's mark and 4 roses
  10. I'm assuming this is the stuff you sent us in the baby food jar? Had a good flavor but little too much heat for us gonna give it to my brother Sunday he loves hot sauce and has been wanting to try it
  11. Came out nice. It’s so stupid that a shockwave is okay, but put a B5 SOPMOD and you’re going to prison if caught. The lunacy of the whole thing is amazing to me.
  12. vic_b

    Yesterday at work

    Sounds like a commuter train. The locos we use generate 800 horsepower per cylinder. They have 16 cylinders. Way more power than they really need, as most of the route is level. It was pretty cool. The color brightness didn’t really show up on my phone camera.
  13. Meke

    Yesterday at work

    Double rainbow. Actually i had a ride on a train last week and it was pretty cool. was only about a 20 mile trip, stopped at about 10 stations along the way. Probably a 40 minute ride. the train felt real torquey
  14. Got a new phone so was able to get a couple of pics of the PSA pistol
  15. Drck

    Yesterday at work

    Nice! Pretty common sight here, but I don’t recall it much in Seattle. Was always too overcast.
  16. vic_b

    Yesterday at work

    After I took the last picture I walked around the car and it was on the latrine. So much for a pot of gold!
  17. Was doing a maintenance inspection on a coach car and heard over the radio “hey Vic, turn around and look up” this is what I saw...
  18. Earlier
  19. Well, Look at you, you old Coot! 😁
  20. Wow Don. Those are beautiful. Nice work.
  21. Below you'll find my very loose interpretation of some Viking/Saxon knives. All come with a custom leather sheath and display stand shown for each one. The Birch display stands have a finish of beeswax and oil. I'm thinking they will run $150 shipped per package of knife, sheath and display stand. #1 Shaped Buffalo horn handle with custom antiqued bronze. Hammer forged look on blade. It has an OAL of 11 1/2" and blade of 6 1/4". 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel. #2 SOLD!!!! Hand sculpted handle made to look worn/used with antiqued custom bronze finger guard and pommel. Hammer forged look and hamon on blade. OAL of 12" and blade of 6 1/2", 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel. #3 SOLD!!! Hand sculpted plum wood handle with antiqued custom finger guard and pommel. Hammer forged look and hamon on blade. OAL of 11 1/2" and blade of 6 1/4", 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel. #4 Slightly heavier and thicker hammer forged look and tumbled blade in media to get a old worn look. Handle has custom hand made finger guard and pommel make from brass and the handle is wrapped in leather. 12" OAL, 7" blade made from 3/16" thick 1084 carbon steel. #5 Hammer forged look with hamon on blade with custom hand made 1084 steel finger guard and pommel, Hand carved dragon and rings on spalted maple handle. 11 1/2" OAL and blade is 6 1/4" made from 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel.
  22. We didn’t even get to that point. It just didn’t make sense for us.
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