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  2. Thanks. Going to have to order the kit
  3. I use the claw and if my pants are tight enough, I can skip a belt.
  4. I listened to ethos and 1 pick up for my M&P9 Compact. Got the basic kit and love it for the most part. I carry at about the 3:30 position. As I've been wearing shorts lately it "Feels" like it is tipping out. Was wondering if the upgrade kit would be worth the "claw" to help push the grip more into the body, so it doesn't feel like it's tipping away from the body? It also comes with the belt clip and I find that more convenient then the soft snap that the basic comes with.
  5. Buy online. You aren’t gonna find a deal in a brick and mortar store.
  6. Yea I figured I would just pay attention when visiting gun stores
  7. The Korean ones? If you really need some, I can send you some. They have a bunch of deals on AK mags lately as well.
  8. Range report. Functioned perfect for 60 rounds. Not dumping a. Lot of ammo till I get the brace. I got 2 different muzzle brakes for it and ran them both. Started off with the 74 style on it. Didn't seam to jump around much and recoil wasn't bad but damn does that fucker bark. Next was the "krink" style "booster". Recoil was increased and so was the ejection distance but the noise was better, it at least didn't make your ears bleed. Hip firing it made me giggle like a retard with a new drum
  9. Would you want to sell them ?
  10. O just picked those up because they were CHEAP through Bih Daddy Unlimited. But yes I do
  11. Well I finally got to shoot it today. It seems to have worked. I don’t have time tonight to clean it up and double check. But I will tomorrow. I’m also going to remove the FA and see just how much routes that way.
  12. You have to get some steel mags. I think I still have some Korean ones that Noneya gave me.
  13. Kinda what I was going for!
  14. Except for the Magpul AK mag, that's straight up Vietcong style.
  15. Always good to hear when gear works well
  16. Carries nicer than the g17 ever thought about even though this one has a bigger light. Need to but a dr schoals gel pad on the back to shove the bottom out just a bit though the light rubs a little. Other than that I love this setup just need to get me a holosun 507v2 and I'll be golden
  17. My minuteman concealment revolution 3.0 for my executive with pl2 valkyrie finally arrived. Order date 5/14/20 not bad. Beats the rig I was carrying my g17 in
  18. Bob

    M&P 2.0 Compact

    Got to run some rounds through it. Wow is the trigger quicker than the gen 1. Reset is shorter and more tactile. It's poi is a little different than my gen 1(surprising I know). Not terrible, about 2" up and to the right at 15yards. It ate everything I fed it, in every mag I had including the 2 ETS mags.
  19. Can't find an underfolder "brace" so I have a right side folder on order. Range was packed so I didn't get a chance to shoot it. We are going back ether Tue or wend.
  20. Looks good. You going to put a underfolder on it later on.?
  21. Here it is put together. Taking it to the range for a function check
  22. Bob

    M&P 2.0 Compact

    I don't mind the gen 1 texture or lack thereof but the gen 2 definitely isn't moving under recoil
  23. I was surprised that he has any footwear.
  24. Drck

    M&P 2.0 Compact

    Awesome! I agree that the Gen 1 texture was too "smooth" for me. Though I hear lots of people like that texture.
  25. Bob

    M&P 2.0 Compact

    I love my long slide! I'm almost as accurate with it as my 1911.
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