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  2. Haha. Thought never crossed my mind, it yeah, I guess that works too. Maybe .45 ACP pistol caliber carbine.
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  4. His voice is kind of annoying, but a lot of good info
  5. I believe you are talking about the same reason you do Not use a 22lr to get dogs used to being around gun fire. You are better off starting them with a 410, because it is less "painful" to them.
  6. Yup. Both are alright. Just saying to Dan that it’s not intuitive as to what people think “should” be. That its also the pitch that matters for hearing pro.
  7. I can tolerate .22 from a handgun but it isn’t super comfortable. A rifle doesn’t even phase me at all.
  8. Figured so, but then again my mother can hear someone whisper from 2 rooms away so who knows lol
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  10. And to clarify, it’s not that 22 pistols are loud, just the crack is higher pitch and bothers me more than a 22 rifle. Yes! Investment in higher education paying off!
  11. 22 out of a pistol really? Maybe I'm already half dead. I shot a suppressed mk3 ruger a few years back and with standard ammo the bullet smacking the 2liter was louder than the round going off
  12. Yep. The silencer will never get rid of the sharp crack as its a piece of metal breaking the sound barrier. But that booom! sound gets muffled up pretty good. Rapidly expanding gas noise is what really bothers me. Two nights ago i was burning garbage out in the garden and i didnt know the missus had put an empty chocolate moose aerosol can in the trash. Sitting there poking the fire until it went BOOM!! That was louder than any gun ive ever shot before including 12 gauge. I got the popped eardrum ringing noise and went deaf for a minute. That was air pressure noise..
  13. For me, it’s also about the pitch. There are some rounds with a much higher pitched crack. Not the best example, but .22 lr out of a rifle, it is tolerable without ear pro, or at least close. Same round out of handgun and it is much worse. At least for me.
  14. I think that big overbarrel sucker i have is hearing safe.. I didn t wear ear protection with it. The real noise is the buffer and bolt carrier slamming into the shoulder stock tube an inch underneath your eardrum. Its all to do with volume. Big captures and slow more gas for a split second more longer . but looks ugly where as a slim short silencer looks good but performs average.
  15. I’ve been around those shooting with cans and the crack of rounds like 6mm and 7mm supersonic rounds definitively need ear pro. Even hotter 5.56 is pretty loud. 45 ACP and heavier 9 mm (147 gr) are tolerable, but not the “psst psst” like in the movies.
  16. Punctuation dude. Punctuation... From what I gather, top pic is Olight and bottom is TLR. However, aren’t there many versions of the TLR? As in different lumens. What are lumen ratings of each?
  17. Quick comparison of the olight and tlr1s. Whatever charge comes from the factory on the olight and the batteries in the tlr1s are about 9 months old but haven't been used much fence is 20 yards or so just behind the forked tree pool is 10 dark picture is with just ambient light Olight is the wider beam
  18. No he's not. Some are and some aren't. While some may be technically hearing safe it still hurts and is doing damage. Only ones I can tolerate for more than just a couple rounds are all sub-sonic calibers. You throw a k length on a fast round and it's noticeably quieter but not comfortable at all.
  19. Is that the little freebie light? Mine shd be here soon.
  20. I would've took a pic last night but I took that one and crashed. My little back yard is about 30 yards x 25 yards or so and firing the light out the back door completely lit up my yard. If it's dark enough when I go out with the dogs before bed I'll take it out again and do a quick comparison with it and the tlr1
  21. I watched that yesterday. He's a bit off saying the cans aren't hearing safe though.
  22. Will do. Gotcha on details. I had assumed you get leads on a batch from time to time. I wasn’t aware that you could order the raw material. Now I know. 👍🏻😆
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