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No political discussions are allowed.   No discussions regarding religion are allowed.  If political or religious discussions are started or evolve out of another discussion, the discussion thread will be closed.  The original poster (OP) of the topic may private message a Moderator or Admin to appeal the closing if the discussion was not originally political or religious in nature and evolved into such a discussion.  The thread may be edited at that point.

Posts containing nudity are allowed in general discussion areas of the board, however, pics showing exposed genitalia will be restricted to the paid members areas.  Topics and/or posts in public areas that show exposed genitalia will be deleted or moved to the paid members areas. 

Any post with content that violates US federal and state laws will be removed.  Such topic include, but are not limited to: child pornography, threats to public officials, threats to other members, instructions on how to make bombs and other explosive/destructive devices, instructions on how to modify a firearm that would violate current laws, etc. 

Trolling other members will not be tolerated.

Moderators and Admins will move topics that are posted in an area different from the subject to a more appropriate area. 

These rules will be exercised at the discretion of the Moderators and Admins of the Shooter's Loft.  This is a privately owned site, thus the content of the site, including the participation and contribution of members will be at the discretion of the Moderators and Admins.  (If there is something that the staff feels needs to be edited, it will be edited).  Violation of these rules can result in warnings, temporary suspension of posting privileges, or having membership revoked (banned). 

We like to keep a fun and laid back atmosphere here where the membership can have civil adult conversation as well as exchange adult humor.  As this is an adult oriented site, some of the content may not be appropriate for family environments or viewed at a workplace.  Fair warning.  Participation on this forum is consent to these rules as well as agreement to adhering to them.  

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