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  2. Damn Don. I like that first one way too much.
  3. First up is this hollow ground 9" in OAL blade. It has over 260 true layers and is nearly 1/4" thick at the spine. The blade is about 4 3/4" long. The handles are Spalted Tamerind with tru-stone, black & white G10 accents and black liners. It has mosaic pins and brass lanyard hole. It comes with the combo kydex/leather sheath shown. This beauty is $150 shipped! Second is the 11 1/2" OAL beauty with a false edge and hollow grind. The blade is right at 6" long. it has over 500 layers to achieve it's look. It's about 3/16" thick at the spine. The handles are new product from Voodoo Resins. They have this unique look with the added aluminum mesh added into the blade. Very cool and different. It has SS pins and lanyard tube and comes with the combo kydex/leath sheath shown. This is $160 shipped.
  4. Don't know about other matches but I know every match down at rock Castle has at least one stage in the little cave and it's pitch black in there. Out at Pawnee,OK they just did a complete night match about a month ago. Mine should be here Tuesday we'll see how it does I bought mine mainly for EDC
  5. Yesterday
  6. That seems pretty rough. But do they need to shoot with lights often? Seems like these lights aren’t that great on intensity (candela and lux).
  7. Was looking closer at these. Reviews, tech data, etc. They advertise some high lumens, but about 1/2-1/3 the candela of comparable lights. Their run times are also quite low.
  8. Alcohol dulls the senses. Guess 14% can seem weak if the senses are already dull. 😝
  9. Last week
  10. Hell if you are a new customer and register now they are giving away a free flashlight to boot. Registration was just name and email. $63 out the door for the Valkyrie and a little pen light. Not bad.
  11. It's not shooting from a bench it's running 5 or 10k and going through mud and grime, over barricades and obstacles and such. Most of them shoot at least every other weekend
  12. They have some pretty strong US beers. In the 10-14% range. They def sneak up on you.
  13. As in how often do they shoot? Shooting from a bench once a month for 6 years isn’t that impressive.
  14. Some of them do about 6 a year or more. Its definitely quite a test of gear
  15. I've eyeballed them before. I like the look of them.
  16. Plenty of the guys I know that do run and guns use them and they hold up good.
  17. I guess it depends on use. But I’m skeptical also.
  18. Was looking for lights for an AR project with pressure switch and one side recommended Olight. Seems flimsy. For handguns, I’m more concerned about compatibility with holsters. I have been using X300, but just got an Inforce APLc in a 4th of July sale. Was $65, but shipping and tax made it close to “regular” price. 😩
  19. Wonder what the longevity will be on these lights? I know what I've done to some Streamlights and Surefires. Only one I've broken was a Streamlight UltraStinger that got run over by a car. Streamlight fixed it no questions asked.
  20. https://www.olightstore.com/pl-mini-2-1.html 600 lumen light for less than 70 heck yeah
  21. You could afford the best too!
  22. Etho

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    It’s worth a try. They didn’t seem too interested when I asked about making one for the PPS.
  23. JRed

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    I might email them and see if they’d consider it
  24. Etho

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    It could be done. I’m really surprised they haven’t.
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