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    So..... I got done shooting and decided to do some exploring. I went up FS 7080 for a bit then found a little side road to go up. The road got worse until I found myself at the top of a peak with a nice spot for lunch with a view. Got back in my truck and headed back down, when I noticed the TPMS was telling me I had a low tire. Sure as shit, left front was going flat! Found a level spot to change it, this was the view.... zoomed in This one was a little further down.
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    Took this with my phone and edited it with Snapseed. Sunset on Lake Ray Hubbard.
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    Noticed this last night, The Haze from Montana Wildfires caused it, it was even Redder lower down. I missed getting that.
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    St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. Oldest parts of the church are from the 1100s.
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    Dammit I need to take the damn camera out more. Another phone shot from the lake.
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    Gay pride parade near my fishing spot
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    Couple of random shots from the weekend, and evidence we can still post largish photos. These should fill the application window in the browser. ---
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    Took this of the old courthouse in Dallas from the top of Reunion Tower.
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    Brother in law and I are trying to do a 52 week challenge. One of the challenge was called "red" so here is my entry to that.
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    A couple from golf yesterday afternoon. It was a little hot, but near perfect summer weather. Seem to be liking clouds as subjects lately.
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    A couple from this weekend. It was a beautiful full moon, but tough to capture well with cell phone. As it turns out, the lighting made for an amazing view of the clouds.
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    Drinks and smokes with the boys
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    Skytree Tower in Shinjuku (from around 2-3 weeks ago)
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    Friggin' blast! Having the entire clan on was so cool, but getting to run at the raid was perfect. Had such a good time. The Grumpy Gun Bunny Fleet in orbit... Looking forward to our next adventure.
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    I will flat give you the gloves if you will shove your roommate's toothbrush up a cat's ass.
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    Outside work one foggy morning this weekend:
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    In my Christmas tree, spotted while out mowing. The best angle didn't turn out so sharp; too much breeze, not a good-enough shutter finger. (The best of several: )
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    Escort for some officials arriving on the 'Royal Mile' to announce an upcoming election. (St. Giles cathedral in the background)
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    An interior @ St. Pauls on Pilreg
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    Window in the church at the one end of Pillreg Ave.
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    Bruh. If I was Janitor, I'd be offended by that.
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    Post up your current fishing success.
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    First date with the new Sig:
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    My brothers were roping in Sublette, KS last night. They won 1st place. Looks like it had been raining quite a bit prior to the roping.
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    45-70 pedersoli. I'm sure this rifle is way more accurate than I am. Going to be shooting it more than I have been to find out. I've got a set of vernier sights for it that will go back on it once I can get consistent with hitting stuff I want to.
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    get to play with this for a while
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    Also took time today to shoot one of my carry guns, the P320. This was the first time since I changed the front sight, installed the Apex flat trigger, and the FDE "small" grip. Shot like an absolute dream, very happy with it's handling and accuracy.
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    Spent some time with this hot little number today: She's a dirty little animal..... .....and a biter. ?
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    my brother found this picture of him hanging in a shop for sale. Don't know what rodeo it was, somewhere in NSW I think.
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    Awesome lighting storm rolled through last night. Having neither a real camera or the skill to use one, I just did a bunch of long bursts on my phone and hoped for the best. Gave up pretty quick and just enjoyed the show for an hour Curios about that last one. A few came out like that, usually when it was a super bright, temporarily blind you, type of flash.
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    Drck's beach photo reminded me that I have this one I took outside work one morning back in March. Again, the camera doesn't do it justice; the sky looked like something out of a movie about the end of the world.
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    Sensei with a group of students from a recent belt test.
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    Cloudy sunset from Ala Moana beach park. Great weather lately, so went for a run. Nice scenery along the way too!
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