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  1. Kind of what I have in mind ... All it would take is more American dollars than I have at the moment.
  2. If I didn't ride Harley, I'd ride BMW. In fact, I still have my '80 R100. Soon as I'm bucks up (any day now I'm sure) I'm going to start a project to rebuild the R100 as an old school cafe' bike.
  3. That guy was freaking amazing. A big brain on wheels.
  4. FWIW - While it's not all that much, I've got about 60K miles on my '00 HD bagger. In that time I've had one repair, and we new it would be coming (known flaw in the early 'Fathead' engines). Otherwise it's been nothing but regular oil changes and topping off the air in the rear shocks. Not too horrible.
  5. IMO - you're making a lot of good design choices. Love the 'Glide' fairing and lights, and love that you kept that bigass air cleaner on there. A ride would be good. We'll have to come up with something - if the force is with me I'll have the summer off. And the fall. And next winter. Etc.
  6. They actually don't. Well ... not for long at least.
  7. Can't believe I've so totally missed this thread. Bike's looking great Scotto. We should think about going on a serious ride this summer.
  8. Well, if that isn't the dumbest shit ever it's sure a contender. Dipshits.
  9. There's a good, solid reason for thinking that.
  10. It's mostly light weight. I'd guess around 70-80lbs total for the cover and rails.
  11. Pimping my ride - yesterday I installed a tonneau cover from BAK Industries. Rolled up and stowed against the back of the cab - Rolled out & locked it looks like a standard soft top. And yes - the truck needs to be washed. It's been a full day since the last time.
  12. I'm going to take a long shot wag at it and lay odds that his dad isn't the brightest bulb down at the factory.
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