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  1. dbinthecountry

    Dream shotgun

    I had a civvy version of that. I swapped it for something. Can't remember what though.
  2. dbinthecountry

    Hey db

    Thanks fellas. I got a lot of free drinks last night. 🙂
  3. dbinthecountry

    Hey db

    😄 Thanks guys.
  4. dbinthecountry

    Hey Vic

    Happy belated birthday Vic.
  5. dbinthecountry

    Two Bowies available....

    Wow, those are beautiful. Nice work Don.
  6. dbinthecountry

    Introducing the feather knife....

    Wow, that's aggressive.
  7. dbinthecountry

    Sharpening Options/Preferences

    I wish I could use whetstones. I suck at it. 😃
  8. dbinthecountry

    Sharpening Options/Preferences

    I can get them to shave sharp. I still need to practice more though.
  9. dbinthecountry

    Sharpening Options/Preferences

    The more you use it the better the stones get. I already need new strops.
  10. dbinthecountry

    Two knifes headed to the sheath maker....

    Good to know. That stuff could be pretty handy.
  11. dbinthecountry

    busy at work

    I'll keep y'all in mind.
  12. dbinthecountry

    Two knifes headed to the sheath maker....

    Does it protect the metal or is it just for looks? I think it look really cool.
  13. dbinthecountry

    Same blade blank....very different looks...

    Thank goodness.
  14. dbinthecountry

    busy at work

    Nice work. Last night I got invited to go to a friends ranch and kill hogs.
  15. dbinthecountry

    Same blade blank....very different looks...

    Wow! I especially like #3. Too bad I've got so much other shit going on right now.

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