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  1. Wow. Glad you're ok.
  2. Not sure how old you are or how long you've been bow hunting. I've been at it quite a while and have seen folks use a variety of stuff. I can tell you that Muzzy has never let me down. Of course, a deer isn't a sheet of plywood.
  3. Man, you just can't go wrong with good old fashioned Muzzy.
  4. 😄 Just a short drive away eh?
  5. I've never been there. Would love to go. Maybe when I retire...
  6. Thank goodness. 😄 Almost had me...
  7. Interesting. Didn't know they had silencers almost 100 years ago.
  8. Damn Don. I like that first one way too much.
  9. Since I got sick earlier this year a lot of fried food tastes like shit to me for some reason.
  10. Those are nice. I love that black finish on some.
  11. Hell, I live in the sticks and see it quite a bit.
  12. Damn nice work Don. I really like the pine cone handle. Very cool.
  13. That's to bad. Sounds like it would be some good stuff.
  14. 😄 You need a Go Pro at work.
  15. Wow Don. Those are beautiful. Nice work.
  16. dbinthecountry

    I'm back

    Hey Bob. Good to see you back.
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