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  1. I need to start. Carrying again after four years of not, and my draw is a dumpster fire.
  2. I need to get my wife in a basics class. At least, it’s a good excuse to me in a basics class. I haven’t been shooting in forever.
  3. I am a real adult, thank you very much.
  4. No point in having 2 up on a sport bike anyway ?
  5. 2016 Yamaha FJ-09. I like it. I definitely plan on running it into the ground.
  6. Well, I used to... I’ve had this one for a little over a year and a half. It’s a hoot. 850cc triple, 460lbs wet (no luggage) and ~115 hp. Previously was the British abomination, Triumph Tiger @ 800cc and before that was the Honda CB500X @ 470ish cc
  7. The top case is ridiculous: 47 liters. The side cases are each 22 liters, and the tank bag is 15. So, I've got way more capacity than is practical for an 850cc bike. I try to load it light, especially that top case as my bike is so light even having it on there empty has a noticeable impact on balance. But, I can pack everything I need for a week or two of camping if I keep my riding reasonable. The GoPro mount is... I dunno. I have it on the chin of my helmet, because I like the video to show my perspective rather than the bikes. I managed to keep it from blocking any vents though, so airflow is good. The biggest problems with it are the weight, because after a full day with that thing on there your neck will feel it, and stability. When it gets windy, the resulting video can be downright nauseating. Finished the next video. Youtube blocked it.
  8. Better than working. I hope
  9. All good here. Just busy with school, and, well, there’s a girl now, so. Not much free time. ?
  10. My condolences. Er, congratulations!
  11. ? This was late August. I’m a little behind on the videos...
  12. Finally getting back around to doing these. It's been... a busy couple months. Good though. So, without further ado. Leaving the California/Oregon border, the 101 does not exactly follow the coast. And Oregon has a lot of trees. So, when it wasn't on the coast, you could be 50 yards away and not see the ocean. BUT. When it was on the coast, it was pretty cool. And the trees were nice too. Not many of those here in SoCal. Oregon has a lot of cool bridges. I don't know why. Every time I'd go through a town there would be a bridge with at least a little bit of thought put into the visual aesthetic. Pretty cool. This was a much shorter day, around 350 miles total, and my posterior greatly appreciated the reduced saddle time. When I got to Portland, I stayed with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. Grew up with both of them, and they eventually got married. She's an eye doctor now. He's her office wench. He took the next day off and showed me around Portland. It was weird. After she got off work, we went and toured a bunch of breweries. I don't remember which ones exactly. I know two of them are very well known. Another childhood friend moved out there when they did, and he eventually popped by as well. Made for a good evening. We rented those dumb electric scooters to get between breweries. Pretty sure that's illegal, but oh man, what a good time.
  13. SKS are fun to shoot. That variant would be awesome! Congrats
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