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  1. You missed all the red dots 😄
  2. JRed

    Sig P226

    Do it. I always wanted a G20, but I got little baby hands 😂
  3. JRed

    Sig P226

    Brass flingers are kinda fun 😄
  4. JRed

    Sig P226

    Not worth replacing the spring?
  5. JRed

    Sig P226

    DAK = double action kinda 😄 That’s the weird one I was thinking of. Couldn’t remember what it was though.
  6. JRed

    Sig P226

    What kind of trigger is on that thing? I’m guessing DAO because of the hammer but I think I remember Sig has weird trigger options
  7. JRed

    Police Trade Ins

    I get the AIM emails. They have some cool stuff come through.
  8. JRed

    Sig P226

    Neato. Never fired a .357 Sig before. Is there something standard it compares to?
  9. Is that brisket across the table?
  10. I’ve got two, but I don’t think I can afford one like that! 😄
  11. Wowza. At what point are you considered a master at this? Because you turn out some ridiculously nice work
  12. No. I like leaning 😂 I try not to hit triple digits with passengers, but the bike is really comfortable with her and full luggage around 95mph. There were a couple points where we were racing thunderstorms that we were moving kind of quick, but nothing crazy. And anytime you’re going 30ish over the limit through curving roads always looks fast. 😄
  13. It’s definitely unnerving when they start shifting around. I always tried to explain that they were basically unsecured luggage, and physics applied accordingly. Also, not fun to explain, sometimes luggage is too heavy, and shouldn’t be put on the bike 🤣 My wife is good though. We’ve done enough short rides she knows what she can and can’t do. And her being tiny helps.
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