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  1. JRed

    259 Days

    I sit next to a structural. He’s not too terrible 😂 AZ is pretty good. And there is a ton of work here.
  2. JRed

    259 Days

    So... all the gorillas that were getting it on while Etho was buying suppressors are having kids now, meaning it’s easier to make a gorilla than avoid earplugs. This is good to know.
  3. JRed

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    JB weld it back together. Also, I bet that was exciting
  4. I’m going to have to give it a try
  5. Here’s a potentially dumb thought: anybody tried appendix carry cross draw? Like, gun at 11 o’clock? Seems like you could have the gun at a much steeper cant, and maybe that would be more comfortable? Maybe?
  6. Yeah. It’s for interstate travel, so you have to get the form approved, and there’s a check box for permanent move. I think they also want to know about in state permanent moves. I need to call them. I had hoped a move would get approved faster than a form 1 or 4, but I’m starting to think they just throw everything in the same pile.
  7. I can’t even get them to approve me to move my sbr. I think I submitted that form in June? I’m going to have to resubmit because the date range I specified is gonna be over 😐
  8. Hmmm, I may have to revisit that option
  9. I looked at those, but they don’t make them for the LC9s, and when I asked, they didn’t have any plans to. Saw some knock offs on Etsy, or Pinterest, or some equally embarrassing site, but was hesitant to try it.
  10. Sometimes we go for walks at night, and I’ll take the G19 with an X300 owb. Waaaaaay more comfortable than the little gun concealed. Concealed carry sucks. I’ve wondered if that might help...
  11. I think the quality is okay on this one, not great, not bad. I’m betting the discomfort is mostly because of the ulticlip, and having it clamped to my waistband rather than the belt. Maybe higher quality holsters are nicer when tying shoes though. Part of it is probably that concealment holsters aren’t actually comfortable either. My Comptac Mtac TicTac is certainly more comfortable, but even after ten years it’s not like putting on a favorite pair of jeans.
  12. I’m a firm believer that dreams mean nothing, because the alternative is terrifying 😂
  13. Important things first: CCW related dream. I allegedly have dreams in which I find myself needing to perpetrate violence in order to save myself or others. Not often, but sometimes. Allegedly. Last night I may have had a dream that I was on a cross country motorcycle trip, which is perfectly reasonable. Somewhere in Utah, Highway bandits kidnapped my dad, which is not reasonable. Of course I had to save him, but my G19 (which was awesomely suppressed) was stored in a container of fluffy popcorn, and not readily accessible. When I did finally get it, and allegedly trained it on the head honcho highway bandit, it refused to fire. I racked it, and a ton of the previously mentioned fluffy popcorn was ejected. Still wouldn’t fire. After repeatedly racking it, and dumping out MORE popcorn, I finally ejected the mag, and managed to clear all the popcorn. I was then allegedly able to shoot the head honcho highway bandit, and was impressed with how effective the suppressor was. The rest of his crew was in no mood to challenge me, and I freed my dad. I then continued my motorcycle trip, headed for northern Nevada. Which is also unreasonable. Northern Nevada sucks. So, remember not to store your G19 in popcorn; it causes issues. Less relevant: I kinda hate AIWB. I found a cheapo ebay kydex holster that came outfitted with and RCS tuckable overhook, and concealment claw. It’s actually pretty impressive for 30 bucks. It holds the Ruger well; you can even shake it upside down with the mag inserted. It conceals pretty well. I outfitted it with an Ulticlip for better concealment with a tucked shirt. It’s super uncomfortable. Without the actual belt supporting the gun, small as it is, it still pulls on my pants in a way that leaves me irritated. Also, how do you guys bend over with one of these rigs? Tying my shoes is now a challenge I have to plan out. I get stabbed repeatedly if I bend over or crouch for something. Lame. I use the pocket holster as often as possible, and while the AIWB rig is convenient for clothes I can’t pocket carry, I do not enjoy it.
  14. You missed all the red dots 😄
  15. JRed

    Sig P226

    Do it. I always wanted a G20, but I got little baby hands 😂
  16. JRed

    Sig P226

    Brass flingers are kinda fun 😄
  17. JRed

    Sig P226

    Not worth replacing the spring?
  18. JRed

    Sig P226

    DAK = double action kinda 😄 That’s the weird one I was thinking of. Couldn’t remember what it was though.
  19. JRed

    Sig P226

    What kind of trigger is on that thing? I’m guessing DAO because of the hammer but I think I remember Sig has weird trigger options
  20. JRed

    Police Trade Ins

    I get the AIM emails. They have some cool stuff come through.
  21. JRed

    Sig P226

    Neato. Never fired a .357 Sig before. Is there something standard it compares to?
  22. Is that brisket across the table?
  23. I’ve got two, but I don’t think I can afford one like that! 😄
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