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  1. That’s pretty clever. Hope it works out well. You ever think about cheating and trying a piston kit? My cleaning got way easier after one of those. Granted, your mod is a whole lot easier and cheaper 😄
  2. I think mine has close to 100k rounds through it now, never replaced anything. They’re great little guns 👍
  3. JRed

    Finally it came

    I know a quick way to use 8 pounds of powder. No reloading required 😬
  4. That’s a purdy looking rifle. Love that stock.
  5. Definitely flat and empty then 😂 Sounds like a good time. Except for buying mags. That’s quite a premium.
  6. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Cresson Texas is very flat and empty
  7. AIM Surplus selling for 359 with a ... 10 round mag. Lame.
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 Her issue is it needs to be fun. She’s not interested in shooting for any other reason. Growing up in Brazil and California kind of limited her firearm exposure. She can shoot my G19, but it’s uncomfortable to rack, it’s got some recoil, and it’s loud. This little G44 though? Might be fun. And maybe once she’s used to something like that, something bigger would be fun.
  9. I don’t thin I’ll present your argument in quite the same manner, but yeah, she can do it. She just needs practice. Me too at this point. Not enough days in the week anymore.
  10. She can rack the G19, with some effort. She can’t rack the EC9s without scaring me, so that’s not allowed anymore. She’s... petite 😂 My brother has a Sig P230 I’m gonna have her try the next time we’re up there. But I think a .22 would be a lot more fun to get used to shooting.
  11. That would be fun. Maybe my wife could rack it 😄
  12. I thought NZ just banned thinking about guns. How’d you buy one that says Kilwell?
  13. Proper high carry for a proper high grip 😂
  14. Got any rifles you’re gonna try it on? I keep telling myself I’m going to suppress my 10/22 someday.
  15. JRed

    259 Days

    I sit next to a structural. He’s not too terrible 😂 AZ is pretty good. And there is a ton of work here.
  16. JRed

    259 Days

    So... all the gorillas that were getting it on while Etho was buying suppressors are having kids now, meaning it’s easier to make a gorilla than avoid earplugs. This is good to know.
  17. JRed

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    JB weld it back together. Also, I bet that was exciting
  18. I’m going to have to give it a try
  19. Here’s a potentially dumb thought: anybody tried appendix carry cross draw? Like, gun at 11 o’clock? Seems like you could have the gun at a much steeper cant, and maybe that would be more comfortable? Maybe?
  20. Yeah. It’s for interstate travel, so you have to get the form approved, and there’s a check box for permanent move. I think they also want to know about in state permanent moves. I need to call them. I had hoped a move would get approved faster than a form 1 or 4, but I’m starting to think they just throw everything in the same pile.
  21. I can’t even get them to approve me to move my sbr. I think I submitted that form in June? I’m going to have to resubmit because the date range I specified is gonna be over 😐
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