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  1. I can tolerate .22 from a handgun but it isn’t super comfortable. A rifle doesn’t even phase me at all.
  2. No he's not. Some are and some aren't. While some may be technically hearing safe it still hurts and is doing damage. Only ones I can tolerate for more than just a couple rounds are all sub-sonic calibers. You throw a k length on a fast round and it's noticeably quieter but not comfortable at all.
  3. Yep. I guess they never thought the average person would ever be able to afford the cost.
  4. I think that Maxims patent was filed over a 100 years ago. Hell they’ve only become popular in the last 5 years or so.
  5. Yeah uh huh, I’m sure it is.
  6. How often are they doing these?
  7. I guess it depends on use. But I’m skeptical also.
  8. Wonder what the longevity will be on these lights? I know what I've done to some Streamlights and Surefires. Only one I've broken was a Streamlight UltraStinger that got run over by a car. Streamlight fixed it no questions asked.
  9. Etho

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    It’s worth a try. They didn’t seem too interested when I asked about making one for the PPS.
  10. Etho

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    It could be done. I’m really surprised they haven’t.
  11. Etho

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    The tuckable clips work surprisingly well.
  12. Etho

    The BBQ post

    I’m sure a good surgeon could fix all that.
  13. Etho

    The BBQ post

    Imagine the money I could get as the first man to be pregnant! Milk the situation a little and run the daytime henhouse talk circuit for a while. A few book deals, some medical experiments and some interviews on Dateline. Maybe even a Netflix series. I could retire early.
  14. Etho

    The BBQ post

    Weird how that happens. There's lots of stuff I distinctly remember disliking or liking that I've tried again and it's reversed.
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