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  1. I'm glad to see that the horn whore was only barely raped.
  2. I don’t know much about lifts. The common ones here seem to use ProComp and SuperLifts. Of course 95% of the trucks here are mall crawlers.
  3. Etho

    Glock: Death of A King

    It isn’t so much the content as it is the wording. It’s just off.
  4. Etho

    Glock: Death of A King

    Very likely. I didn’t think they were that sophisticated, but I guess so.
  5. Etho

    Glock: Death of A King

    Very likely. I didn’t think they were that sophisticated, but I guess so.
  6. Etho

    Glock: Death of A King

    Weird posts like that are why I'm not convinced he isn't a spammer of some sort. Or they're from another country or English isn't their first language. The whole thing is just weird to me.
  7. Etho

    New members

    Both I suppose. I’ve always been a glass half empty. I’m a bit jealous of those who have the ability to see good first.
  8. Etho

    New members

    😀 Nothing wrong with that.
  9. Etho

    New members

    I’m not entirely convinced some of them aren’t just spammers. Maybe not bots as they are a bit sophisticated for that. But they post weird shit sometimes that’s completely irrelevant to the topic.
  10. I've only ever had Bombay Sapphire....once. Got drunk on a 5th by myself and cannot even tolerate the smell of it.
  11. Etho

    Sig P226

    Friend of mine carried a Glock 21 IWB for years. He only recently went to a 43. I’ll give him credit though, he carried that 21 as often as he was able to do so.
  12. According to Mr. NeverSeesAVagina it tastes good and if it tastes like pine sol then it's done wrong. I've got not experience one way or another besides Gin which tastes like shit.
  13. Etho

    Sig P226

    It's fun to have odd duck calibers. I usually want them in something more interesting than a Glock though. The old Sigs allow that. Unfortunately a PD trade in 10mm 220 is not gonna happen. But a 10mm is on the list of purchases.
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