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  1. While stupid, and quite frankly unconstitutional in my opinion, it's worth paying the $200 and getting a real stock. The wait is awful right now though. I'm at 7 months on a form 1. I just checked this morning and it's still pending. I don't even bother checking on my Form 4s.
  2. Came out nice. It’s so stupid that a shockwave is okay, but put a B5 SOPMOD and you’re going to prison if caught. The lunacy of the whole thing is amazing to me.
  3. We didn’t even get to that point. It just didn’t make sense for us.
  4. Our new house is $131/sq ft and that’s fucking expensive for here.
  5. We priced it. Ultimately we decided to sell and build. It was $60,000 for a master bath addition and some other stuff. Worked out to 400 sq ft and $125/sq ft.
  6. I agree. I’ve got a couple and like them a lot.
  7. Never messed shoulder holsters before. Always been a belt holster guy.
  8. Who is they? A lot of people ask this question. Instructors hear it every now and again. Most often times, we cannot answer either. Sometimes we know where it came from, a particular event which caused the methodology change or development. For instance, North Hollywood Bank Robbery shoot out spurred the use of Ar-15s in LE. A mass shooting at Luby's in Killeen spurred concealed carry in Texas. Competition shooters developed isosceles for stability, civilians grabbed it for stability and LE grabbed it stability AND because it's more logical when using body armor. But what about actually the mechanical methodology of using firearms? Can we answer this? Again, sometimes. But more often than not we can't. Which isn't a problem except for those people who want to know the source of everything. Also in this part of the world, there are idiots abound who repeat stuff with no basis in reality. Some have enough clout to actually get people to listen. So best case scenario is take everything with a grain of salt unless it makes sense. Most of the ideas and theories come from those who have used it in real life. We've had significant push in methodology since being involved in two wars for almost two decades and almost all of which has been urban. Which applies to private citizens and LE in a lot ways. Lastly, does this mean it's all the gospel just because it's how it's been done? Fuck no. Don't get me wrong, some things are not up for debate. It just is what it is, no amount of changing it makes it better. Something like trigger pulling. You have to pull it straight back or try to pull it straight back. Sight alignment is what it is. But something like reloading? Sure the common method is bullets forward, index the index finger along the spine. Bring the pistol in and stay eye level while dropping the magazine and coming up with the fresh magazine all the while putting the muzzle up at a 45. But does it have to be done that way? No, not really. As long as what you're doing is safe, economical and gets it done. Then does it matter how it gets done? I personally don't think so. But then there are those that will say "but they say...." Again, who is they?
  9. Going back to basics is always a good thing. It's the foundation of all things, again even if we have to fudge for various reasons.
  10. Absolutely awesome customer service. I recently bought a set for my 10/22. I got them installed and had a problem with the front sight. The aluminum sheared and they no longer fit in the dove tail. I emailed and sent photos. No accusations, balking or anything. A nice lady simply said give us the address for a new front sight. Got it today, about 3 days later. Not only do the sights work great but definitely have EXCELLENT customer service.
  11. They're nice scopes. I only have one, it came with my Barrett. But I dunno that I'd spend the money on any other day.
  12. I think it’s the tendency of gun owners/shooters to be worst scenario people. It sometimes gets a little over board. We all do it to some extent.
  13. It's awful. I gave the one I bought away as I was never gonna use it again.
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