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  1. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says. Some of it is different and relevant to their experience level. But this is a good video. Especially to the revolver nonsense. That’s some boomer fudd BS that needs to go away.
  2. Go figure. That’s BS. I wish they’d pass constitutional carry here. It’ll probably never happen tho.
  3. I’m guessing Hawaii recognizes none?
  4. Shoulda coulda woulda. No one knew they were gonna reach the prices they have. My dad had a few he sold in 88-89 for pennies compared what he could’ve gotten had he waited.
  5. Oh wow. Yeah that wasn’t very smart. That MP5 would damn near pay for a college education nowadays. The Macs are climbing but not very fast.
  6. Nah. Machine guns are fun but I can think of more entertaining things to spend that sort of money on. Now if I won the lotto or something, different story. But otherwise I’ll pass. I’ve shot enough machine guns to have the itch satisfied.
  7. Nevermind the $8k-$10k minimum price tag for a 9mm subgun.....
  8. I’d go through even more 9mm per year!
  9. My Glock 17 has a longer barrel! Between the barrel length a PDW stock, it’s tiny.
  10. Yep. All 9mm double stack mags work. 26/19/17/18.
  11. I wanted a compact SBR to mimic a sub gun. Also I have a suppressor in purgatory for it. To keep it as compact as possible I went as short as reasonably possible. So if building with the same intentions, I’d do it again. I don’t have any complaints. It’s just a range toy to be honest. Not that I wouldn’t use it with some +P HSTs for defensive use. Would be the same as using a Glock 17 but even easily being shoulder fired. Mine is a Glock lower. Since I already had so many Glock magazines it just made sense.
  12. Interesting. My 9mm SBR has a 4" barrel so using normal pistol ammo is fine for it. But if I ever switch to a longer barrel I'll look into it.
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