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  1. Etho

    3d printers

    Making tools, some anyway, would be cool.
  2. Etho

    3d printers

    No kidding? That’s pretty cool. That is some tough stuff. I have a 66 that’s from 1959. Belonged to my Uncle and I bought it from my Aunt when she needed money. I have a 10C that’s from 1970 I think it is. My dad bought it for me in the early 90s and I put tons of rounds through it before selling it to a guy who shot it as much or more than me. Who I then bought it back from.
  3. Etho

    3d printers

    Unless it’s gotten better, and I haven’t paid attention or looked in a while, the printed receivers had some weakness issues. But again it’s been at least 4-5 years since I paid attention to them. Very likely to have improved.
  4. I’ve done 100 fairly often. Tried 200 and did so so. Didn’t try past that.
  5. I wanna try ELR with a .22, I mean it’s like 300-500 yards. But seems fun.
  6. 20MOA base or optical illusion?
  7. They’re nice. I bought one for the kiddo a while back. Haven’t shot it yet. But I have to say the fit and finish is nice and the trigger is sweet.
  8. Almost as much as my Barrett. But not like I need a bunch. I’ll buy one and maybe one more. It just isn’t something I need a bunch of
  9. I dunno, never been there. But Triple C Gun Range is there and it goes to 2000 yards.
  10. They also change a lot in the first few hundred rounds. I’m going to learn the rifle at 500 for the 80 rounds I have then load up some to see what it likes then load again what it likes and head to Cresson, Texas.
  11. I’ll load and shoot whatever the barrel prefers. They’re all different.
  12. Got it zeroed today and fired three magazines. Took very little effort to zero at 100. Shot a group to check and it held about an 1.5”. Using Sellier & Bellot “Match” which uses 250gr SMKs. I’ll see if the barrel wears in with these 250s or if I need to step up to 300s. Recoil was surprisingly minimal. Like a stout .308 load. Report was loud but not unbearable. But definitely not “normal”. It does not clear benches like a .50 though. To be honest it was quite underwhelming. I expected more fan fare. I did, luckily, check the bottom metal. The damn screws were barely tightened. Got those torqued to 50 inch lbs. No loosening of anything that I could find either. The Burris performed. They always do though. Excellent optics.
  13. Not bad, probably around 12-15lbs I’d guess. I’m not planning on walking around with it so not a big deal.
  14. Not that I’m aware of, they might though. Probably not many contracts for precision rifles anyway. It isn’t something that really ever gets used anyway, much less in poor environmental conditions. More likely just built a bit tougher for perceived harsher conditions.
  15. No idea what FCP means, HS is for the stock as it’s an HS Precision stock. Just Googled it, it’s their internal codes. F means synthetic stock, C means detachable magazine and P means police.
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