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  1. Etho

    Dick Dale is Dead.

    Read about that this morning while reading my coffee. Sad indeed. Played some of his stuff(that I can play) earlier today. Nothing sounds better than those old Fender Tweeds with a good Fender reverb unit. Modern stuff just cannot get it right. It's close and I enjoy my modeling amp but it just isn't the same. Someday I'll buy a tweed or silverface 1/4 stack.
  2. Etho

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    I don’t believe it’s even possible to win.
  3. Etho

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    Any of yall win?
  4. Etho

    Dream shotgun

    If it's like everything else the commies copy, I'm sure. They don't know how to do much of anything besides very accurate work dial calipers and mics and copy shit exactly, flaws and all.
  5. Etho

    Dream shotgun

    That is a funny video. Supposedly the Norinco copies are pretty good.
  6. Etho

    Enter Sandman: Bowie Style

    Absolutely brilliant and spot on. I think Bowie would overwhelmingly approve.
  7. Etho

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    Have heard of that also. But even still if that happened, that’s all the more reason to find it hard to believe. Because you know someone would be pissed off that they got paid money instead of the actual firearm.
  8. Etho

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    1.75. Unless you can find a good deal on delinked surplus M33. I don’t think anyone actually wins that stuff. They post pics and such but I think it’s employees just being paid to shill. I’ve never in my entire time seen anyone post on a forum that they’ve won. Considering the biggest is AR15.com and has almost half a million members someone at some point by now would be or know a winner.
  9. Etho

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    I'm 95% sure you'd have a heart attack paying for the ammo. It gives me mild chest pains and I'm not shy about gun stuff.
  10. Etho

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    Is it bad that I put in some entries for this?
  11. Etho

    Sig AK-53

    Sig, back then and even now to some extent, is second to none when it comes to machining. It was a prototype from I understood on the video. So mechanically sound but looked like crap.
  12. Etho

    Sig AK-53

    This thing is weird
  13. I'm thinking this is a joke, but I don't fully understand Native culture or jokes so I'm dubious and not sure how to respond....
  14. Etho

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    Yall see what the media wants you to see. It's all smoke and mirrors. Your comment on the internet influencers is what I mean. That's a whole other layer of society that we(the other layer) ignores. We live together, work together but completely live and believe separate of each other at the same time. I genuinely believe that the societies cannot live together in the end. We are too far apart, too much of a gap in thought process and beliefs. There is no middle ground anymore.
  15. I was reading the news this morning and it dawned on me and curious if it's just me. But it seems like in the United States there are two different societies coinciding at the same time. What I mean by that is you have the society that pays attention to every thing said on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. There are, apparently, a number of scandals resulting from this stuff. An entire subset of languages and words that I hear and have no idea what they mean. But yet there's a lot of us who have no idea about any of this. I use the internet, but I only use it to look up stuff, buy things, read/send emails and so on. This is about the extent of my social media stuff. When this stuff does leak into my radar, it's completely new to me. So other my immediate circle of friends and family, who fall in my same vision, anyone else see this too?

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