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  1. Suppressor host is what I’m looking for.
  2. Conversion kits are spotty on reliability.
  3. Yeah makes sense. Stair stepping in instances of fear or discomfort is good. But the guys who have the “muh little lady” mentality irritate me. Makes me even happier when one of those fudd shitbags get shown up by a woman too.
  4. I’ve never been accused of not being direct 😂. I have a bit of a sore spot with women and shooting. They’re only incapable because they’re told they’re incapable. Not saying you do but society does. They can shoot as well as we can the minute they quit thinking they can’t.
  5. Teach her the push/pull method. That being small stuff is BS. We have five foot nothing 105-110 soaking wet female officers who run 19s/17s/M&Ps/VP9s and even boat anchor P series Sigs as well as grown men. Its 16lbs of force on average. There’s no reason a normal human adult cannot manage 16lbs.
  6. She can’t rack a normal pistol?
  7. Not exactly legendary as they claimed but cool. Here’s to hoping a threaded barrel is available soon!
  8. A ton. I had to hold about 7 mils to get on paper. Shot some FGGM though too and it was definitely hearing safe and decently accurate.
  9. 😂 Used it on my RPRf today with subs. The hammer hitting the firing pin makes more noise. The muzzle sounds like someone going “psh” with their mouth. But they hit dirt at 100 😁
  10. I do too. But a flame thrower is first.
  11. Little overboard, but does prove a point.
  12. No way. The top of my pistol barely sticks out of my waist. It’s below my belly button. That’s still absurdly high. As in, you’re getting laughed by everyone and not know it absurdly high. And they’re modeling an XD......figures.
  13. .30 is rifle and full auto rated. So yeah it’ll work on my 700, AR10 and hopefully .300WM soon. Basically anything .30 and smaller. I can buy the mount in 1/2-28 and it’ll work on my ARs too. All suppressors will handle most all calibers smaller than their bore size. Sometimes adapters are needed. Also you have stay within handgun rated so on. Although it’ll pass through, if I shot a 5.56 or 6.5CM round through my Sidewinder, it probably won’t end well. Suppressors knock the sound down tremendously. But on supersonic rounds, it’s still pretty damn loud. Most are borderline still not hearing safe. It depends on barrel length plus caliber.
  14. Yeah, but they don’t make holsters for suppressed pistols on the regular. I’m sure someone has and would though. There’s always some chuckefuck somewhere who thinks they’re a bad ass. And a holstered pistols muzzle isn’t anywhere near you’re love handles. Unless you’re wearing your belt at your nipples 😂
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