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  1. The PSAs are nice AKs. I’ve got one. My brother in law is a bit of an AK snob and even he was impressed.
  2. Etho

    Rock Island M206

    If done right, there’s nothing wrong with mim.
  3. Etho

    Rock Island M206

    I’ve heard they’re made on Colt machinery. I think I read that Colt made pistols there then licensed the Filipinos to make them. Kinda like the Sistemas.
  4. Etho

    Rock Island M206

    Looks like a Colt clone.
  5. Etho

    M&P 2.0 Compact

    I quit using holsters a while back and just use a Raven Concealment Vanguard. So much more comfortable.
  6. The gun world is a fickle bitch. People get jacked up about weird shit. At the end of the day they are machines. Some stuff is just gonna happen sometimes and we gotta deal with that stuff.
  7. I considered a piston upper, but I’m just too cheap.
  8. It isn’t age. I don’t like them either. Other than being shorter there is absolutely nothing better about them.
  9. Nope. All bull pups are ugly and terrible ergonomics. The only thing they have going for them is the OAL being short and not needing a stamp.
  10. I mean it’s noticeable. But not tremendously. Full auto suppressed is another matter.
  11. Nah. Gas doesn’t bother me. I just want somewhere for it to go in an attempt to be a bit cleaner.
  12. Nah. This has to be reliable as I use it at work. Can’t take a risk on that sort of thing.
  13. So my last suppressor was approved. It’s going to live on my 10.5” LMT. It’s probably the best suppressor I’ve used and it really tames that 10.5” AR. Anyhow, we all know the biggest downside of an AR is also one of its big bonuses. The DI gas system. It shits where it eats. What also makes it reliable, soft shooting and ridiculously accurate, also makes it filthy. It gets exacerbated by being suppressed. All that gas gets blown wherever it can go. Enter suppressor vents. A few places make these. Supposedly they make a huge difference. It replaces the forward assist, which is useless anyway. But that’s another debate for another day. It allows an easy avenue of escape for the gas. After cleaning it tonight I was willing to try it. But I didn’t want to pay $30 or more for a plug. Especially when I have perfectly good and useless FA sitting there. So push in the FA and drive out the roll pin. The assembly comes out. Save the spring. Secure the assembly, drive out another roll pin holding the pawl in the assembly. Now it’s as far down as you can get. Use a scribe or pick to clean out the channel for the pawl. If you look at the now stripped assembly. You’ll see a bump where it rest against the pin. That faces to the rifle. Go toward the back on the button but 90 degrees down. You’ll need to bump a dot on there and then drill with whatever size you want. I think I used a 7/32. It’s gonna go kinda easy. But you’ll tell when it makes it to the channel. Now the same channel for the pawl needs to be opened up. Using the same bit, drill in at an angle toward the hole you just made. It should naturally go that way. Voila. You made a vent. Blow it out, clean it out. Reassemble.
  14. I think the hate for them is a hipster type thing. Hate them cause they’re popular.
  15. Some hate them, but it’s still one of the best .22 rifles I’ve ever owned.
  16. Etho

    Finally it came

    Not knocking on you, but just for sake of conversation...what’s the thought on loading weak like that? It isn’t really doing any good training wise. Recoil is different so you aren’t building proper muscle memory for recoil control. Which snowballs into a myriad of other problems. For a small child I get it, adults? No way. Even plinking shoot full loads, no sense in ever getting false confidence.
  17. Etho

    Finally it came

    I’d bet a paycheck that was user induced. I do it all the damn time.
  18. Etho

    Finally it came

    Cool. I’ve always wondered about those Caniks. Turks have been making guns for a long time.
  19. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems your over complicating this. Especially for a 359 yard shot. Velocity truing/validation is kinda pointless to me. Never have seen the purpose. Velocity is what velocity and even moreso what the barrel likes. I really don’t care what a program says when I can see results with my own eyes.
  20. Etho

    3d printers

    Making tools, some anyway, would be cool.
  21. Etho

    3d printers

    No kidding? That’s pretty cool. That is some tough stuff. I have a 66 that’s from 1959. Belonged to my Uncle and I bought it from my Aunt when she needed money. I have a 10C that’s from 1970 I think it is. My dad bought it for me in the early 90s and I put tons of rounds through it before selling it to a guy who shot it as much or more than me. Who I then bought it back from.
  22. Etho

    3d printers

    Unless it’s gotten better, and I haven’t paid attention or looked in a while, the printed receivers had some weakness issues. But again it’s been at least 4-5 years since I paid attention to them. Very likely to have improved.
  23. I’ve done 100 fairly often. Tried 200 and did so so. Didn’t try past that.
  24. I wanna try ELR with a .22, I mean it’s like 300-500 yards. But seems fun.
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