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  1. Dam you fucken fake spammer. Seriously, i need a new seat for my automobile. Ive had a big hole in the back rest exposing the frame for years and it wears holes in my tee shirts. Disappointed that link doesnt work. Anyone know if car manufactures use the same seat plan in all their line ups. Its only 4 bolts that hold most seat frames in.
  2. Meke


    ^ This. Every news article ive read online so far forgets to mention that the towel heads did it.
  3. My moneys on it being some ping pong squid eater from an over populated island country somewhere around malaysia.
  4. One of our teachers brings a ford ranger to school and is sometimes parked outside. Its a beast Definately not a mall tractor or a gay mobile . Its as grubby as hell. Worse than mine lol. Its a decked out full on pig hunters truck with a lift kit , big tyres, steel bull bar, flared guards, dog box and carpet on the hood. Its the newer shape too with the 3.2 diesel 6 speed manual box . Filthy as fuck but has that real deal cool look about it. I.ll snap a shot next time she brings it and post it in the grill for privacy.
  5. I had ARB aluminium bullbars on my toyota hilux before . ARB are an okay company.
  6. Meke

    Glock: Death of A King

    I think its some kind of bot that responds to certain words that match its algorithm . Some kind of advertising program.
  7. Thats interesting. I didnt know i could eat the christmas tree.
  8. Cant wait to see this. Its out now but unfortunately not screening in my little town. Probably one of the few films i actually pay to watch in a movie theater on a big screen.
  9. When you google up these fish to have a look at what they are, the search recomendations list all your catch. So they are probably a local ecosystem. That jack crevale fish kinda has a dopey looking fish face.
  10. Whats the best fish to eat out of that haul.
  11. Cool. Ive been binge watching video on boats. Alot of them from the gulf of mexico. Boston Whaler brand. They all seem to have a lot of horsepower. Three and sometimes four outboard engines hanging on a 20 foot boat. Those guys are nutcases.
  12. Cool. What kind of boat you on.
  13. Huh. What does salt racing have to do with the price of fish?
  14. It seems greener than the pictures ive seen before.
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