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  1. Yep. The silencer will never get rid of the sharp crack as its a piece of metal breaking the sound barrier. But that booom! sound gets muffled up pretty good. Rapidly expanding gas noise is what really bothers me. Two nights ago i was burning garbage out in the garden and i didnt know the missus had put an empty chocolate moose aerosol can in the trash. Sitting there poking the fire until it went BOOM!! That was louder than any gun ive ever shot before including 12 gauge. I got the popped eardrum ringing noise and went deaf for a minute. That was air pressure noise..
  2. I think that big overbarrel sucker i have is hearing safe.. I didn t wear ear protection with it. The real noise is the buffer and bolt carrier slamming into the shoulder stock tube an inch underneath your eardrum. Its all to do with volume. Big captures and slow more gas for a split second more longer . but looks ugly where as a slim short silencer looks good but performs average.
  3. Its frustrating hearing dumb dumb polticians try and talk about things they no nothing about. Interesting about why the tax stamp is 200 bucks. Pretty cunty move by the govt back in the 1030s.
  4. Meke

    busy at work

    She's a big place ole aussie. It makes me wonder how god can create such an awesome place and then cover it with assholes. 😁
  5. Looking forward to seeing the Washington d c military parade. See if Uncle Sam can out do the Chileans or the Ruskies.
  6. Yep all good. That 22 pound and postage is like 60 bucks. Im too cheap to spend that . Im wanting to make the jungle clone i have into a non firing wall hanger. So a real gun thats bolted to the wall in my old mans man cave room. The old man doesnt have a gun license so i need to disable it.. I'll hide the fire pin incase some asshole flogs it.
  7. Excellent idea. I found someone on line that made a tool using a 6mm socket and dremel . It looks legit. Amazon want 30 bucks for the tool and reviews say they are as weak as american beer and break easily.
  8. Anyone know how to remove the firing pin of these lee enfields without the special tool?
  9. Meke


    Nah , they are shite. Don't say i didn't Warn you. 🤣
  10. Tidy looking cemetary. Must be a bastard to maintain for the groundsman with all those pine trees . When they shed would make an asshole of a mess.
  11. Meke

    Yesterday at work

    Double rainbow. Actually i had a ride on a train last week and it was pretty cool. was only about a 20 mile trip, stopped at about 10 stations along the way. Probably a 40 minute ride. the train felt real torquey
  12. thats about the same here. 1meter sq = 10.7 sq.ft. x $150 = $1600 us a sq meter. Thats about 2k kiwi. I thought it would be way cheaper over there since them guys have an unlimited supply of mexican architects and builders in that sanctuary city . 😃
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