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  1. Check out 1917. Excellent war movie. Its really good detail with equipment and uniforms.
  2. its a nice dark looking wood. It suits the thick chunky barrel.
  3. Savage have a contract to supply law enforcement.
  4. Nice rifle. I can normally work out most accronyms but what does FCP HS short for.?
  5. Nice work. Actually, im taking some knives to a professional sharpener in 90 minutes time. I/ll take that one you sent me in for a tune up aswell. Get it super laser sharp , at the moment its only meke sharp. 😁
  6. Thats a vendors name. Kinda like Cabelas. They have decent fishing rods. Id say all that kilwell stuff is oem gear from China.
  7. Purchased a package gun . The cheapest brand new semi I could find . Review to come . One thing is it is very lite weight 👍 .
  8. A really good video explaining things.
  9. I see now. The can would be down burning the side of his hip,
  10. I thought you consealed carry guys have them right up under the ribs
  11. You would need a cooling down period before holstering a suppressed pistol wouldnt you? I wouldnt want anything like that sitting on my love handles.
  12. Can you add baffels to the stack. It looks like the end caps are threaded.
  13. Whats it weigh compared to a glock 17 .
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