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  1. Yep But my one The wood was swollen or somthing . I had to hold gas tube in a vice standing up and really grip and twist it on. It was tight.
  2. That top for grip wood can be a mongrel trying to roll it around the gas tube aye.
  3. I likes that Mishaco dude. It book me a few videos to figure out he was blind.
  4. Meke

    2013 Ford Fusion

    The old Ford Mondeo. Its what its badged as down under. They go good . I have one sitting outside, my mother inlaws. Hasnt had any problems except the famous door handle not opening trick. i fixed it with a bit of cardboard. And a abs sensor on the back wheel.
  5. Yeah i heard it was something to do with the Marshall plan after the war. Europe was broke and the yanks offered to help . Basically the yanks helped Germany and Japan rebuild and told the commies to go fuck themselves. Stalin got a bit salty and said Righto , fuck you too you cunts. And thus the cold war began.
  6. Its weird how Soviets and the west went from allies kicking nazi ass to enemies in a short time after WW2.
  7. Its a pretty good mod. It makes a bit of sense. Could also try wrap some tape around your buffer so it acts like a plunger and suck back more gas to you vent hole.
  8. Whats the approval process. Approval from the missus. ๐Ÿ˜ Cant go wrong with them Ruger 10/22s They have lots of accessories.
  9. Check out 1917. Excellent war movie. Its really good detail with equipment and uniforms.
  10. its a nice dark looking wood. It suits the thick chunky barrel.
  11. Savage have a contract to supply law enforcement.
  12. Nice rifle. I can normally work out most accronyms but what does FCP HS short for.?
  13. Nice work. Actually, im taking some knives to a professional sharpener in 90 minutes time. I/ll take that one you sent me in for a tune up aswell. Get it super laser sharp , at the moment its only meke sharp. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. Thats a vendors name. Kinda like Cabelas. They have decent fishing rods. Id say all that kilwell stuff is oem gear from China.
  15. Purchased a package gun . The cheapest brand new semi I could find . Review to come . One thing is it is very lite weight ๐Ÿ‘ .
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