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  1. Meke

    She's here

    Congrats on the little one.
  2. Meke

    Adventures with the homeless....

    I am half way throught the video and thought i would comment. its interesting, gonna watch the whole thing. What Seattle needs is a tornado to sweep these cunts out to sea.
  3. Meke

    Dick Dale is Dead.

    The blond in the video, 36-24-36.
  4. Meke

    No Touch Vs MMA master

    Seems legit.
  5. Meke

    Adventures with the homeless....

    You guys will be wearing body cameras next.
  6. Meke

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    I won my lever action in a comp. But it wasnt an online competition. You had to be present for the live draw. I think these online comps are a sham. Its just a digital version of the old readers digest lucky winners comps.
  7. Meke

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    brokien link 403 Forbidden
  8. Meke

    Sig AK-53

    Quite unusual. The metal components look top quality swiss engineered but the wooden stock kinda seems out of place . Its like it was made by a goat herder in pakistan.
  9. Meke

    Video of the day thread

    Oldie but a goodie. Wonder what the reaction would be to this now days.
  10. Meke

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    Yeah i remember that. Fucken pissed me off too. The real reason was because the venue they were going to have it got cold feet . The building owner was scared protestors might wreck his building or something. And i thing the mayor of the city wouldnt let them use a public venue or something like that. anyways, i have watched a few of their vids and totally agree with them about muticulralism etc but a lot of their knowledege about other places and examples wont apply here. NZ is a unique society as in the natives were never conquered compared to the likes of americas or africas or even australia. I still think they should be allowed to speak.
  11. Meke

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    I was beginning to think americans really are a thick bunch of idiots. Watching american news and current issues from the outside gives me a better perception of whats going on than i guess people living inside the asylum. There are actually people out there who lable themselves " internet influencers"! Can you believe that. people who think their opinion on shit matters and so they have millions of followers listning to their bullshit. Think the Kardashian family . What i found in that culture is the noisy and loud mouths seem to get the attention and they are celebrated. Total opposite here. Tall poppies and self promoters get chopped down big time.
  12. Meke

    Adventures with the homeless....

    NO! not the part where he set himself up. Not on mainstream media. Our news is regurgitated washington post. Which makes me ask, why did some politicians pass a bill making lynching a federal crime. ? I would of though hanging some cunt from a rope would of automatically been covered under some shit you " should not do law." Scratching my head thinking wtf !
  13. Meke

    Adventures with the homeless....

    Good stuff Vic . Imagine the shit storm if you had thrown bleach on him , stuck a rope round his neck and yelled ' this is maga country". 😁
  14. Meke

    Adventures with the homeless....

    This kind of bull crap must really cost the company lots of money in lost man hours when you train technicians have to stop work to sort out bums.
  15. Meke

    Tonight's drink

    Had this on saturday night. The lady at duty free recommened it to my missus for a novice whisky drinker starting out as a sipper. i thought it was smokey and sweet , like a barbque whiskey. i like it a lot.

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