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  1. Meke

    Yesterday at work

    Double rainbow. Actually i had a ride on a train last week and it was pretty cool. was only about a 20 mile trip, stopped at about 10 stations along the way. Probably a 40 minute ride. the train felt real torquey
  2. thats about the same here. 1meter sq = 10.7 sq.ft. x $150 = $1600 us a sq meter. Thats about 2k kiwi. I thought it would be way cheaper over there since them guys have an unlimited supply of mexican architects and builders in that sanctuary city . 😃
  3. Thats not bad in my opinion but then i dont know anything about usa building. That red headed fella whose brother built a house would have a good idea.
  4. Grab some real estate new home prices in your town minus land costs. Would be the average for a new house in seattle divided by the square meter.. That might give the material and labour cost.. NZ is about 2 grand square meter.
  5. Nice gun Dirty Harry .
  6. Meke

    aluminum case ammo

    I didnt even know there was such a thing. learn something new everyday.
  7. Never knew he was such a badass.
  8. ^ looks like she aiming at you pecker.
  9. Meke

    Sad news

    Thats what i thought. Didnt now Hep was as fast acting as this case. Shit i know a dude thats had hep over 15 years. According to the sil last week ,he is looking pretty shit and old for 48 year old.
  10. Nice fixed power. no fucking around, point and squeez.
  11. Its got a bit of kick to the shoulder. What sights you going to put on it.?
  12. Meke

    Sad news

    He was one of the admins i think. I remember his real name as he put together a group buy for nikon scopes, I learnt his real name through that . Ive been off that site since the mosque shit went down, keeping it low Just incase any nz govt gumshoe starts peeping around.
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