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  1. how'bout a nice pair of 45's norinco 1911 in her right, glock 21sf in her left, and yes, she can shoot. eta. forgot to add the pic ffs lol
  2. j-dub

    My Revolvers

    love those python's. have fun shooting the shit out of them. condolences on losing your father.
  3. j-dub

    Sad news

    every day is a gift. rip Jeff.
  4. facebook and most other social media outlets are nothing more than tools of indoctrination. I call facebook gravy for the brain. while I still have a fb account, it is pretty much dormant the last 5 years or more. my wife completely deleted her fb account, it was an ordeal and took a couple of days, but she did it.
  5. wholly shit man, those are sweet!! really like that last one Don. well done sir.
  6. j-dub

    Hey db

    happy birthday db
  7. j-dub

    Hey Vic

    happy belated bud !!
  8. there's a whole bunch of win in those pictures. great find!
  9. j-dub

    Hey guys

    glad you're back Val. have a Merry Christmas!!
  10. x2 on the lansky kit. I seem to be able to get a very good edge with that kit, and it takes half the time of my old Arkansas stones. I still like using the old stones when time allows...which unfortunately is hardly ever
  11. if commiefornia is so good, why the mass exodus? I wish they'd keep the crazy there. the liberals spread to other states like cockroaches. taxing texts, I guess kardashians will be broke soon lmfao.
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