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  1. vic_b


    This exactly what I’ll be doing.
  2. vic_b


    Never. Ever. Forget.
  3. Going to be eating out for a bit. Won’t have a kitchen.
  4. What the hell?! Hooters makes an outfit that big!?
  5. Home remodeling. Fuck home remodeling
  6. vic_b

    New members

    In my line of work, inspecting and repairing R/R passenger cars, I have to start my day by saying "No matter how big an asshole or bitch the people on my cars are, somebody somewhere loves them" Because if I miss something and it causes a derailment and they get killed, I have to live with that. In your line of work, you see people at the worst time of their life. Whether it's from a bad decision or just plain bad luck, it's not a good time for them. I can understand your point of view. Do I like people in general? Well... let's say I like you guys on here and leave it at that. I'm a big time loner, happy to be by myself. I'm pretty sure it's from conditioning. My first wife drove away all my friends. This wife works so much I seldom see her when I'm in the mood to do something. My work schedule makes it hard to do anything with the few people I call friends.
  7. vic_b

    New members

    Driving coworkers nuts or....
  8. vic_b

    New members

    I’m trying to be a glass is half full guy. Drives my coworkers nuts!
  9. Not much off-roading experience, at least planned off-road excursions.
  10. vic_b

    New members

    Been seeing some new members lately. First of all.... Welcome!! A lot of good people here willing to answer any questions you may have about anything. Second.... tell us a little about yourself. Nobody is going to judge you, unless you’re into some weird stuff. It would have to be pretty weird or harmful to others, though. As for myself, I’m a train mechanic. I work on the passenger coaches. Repairing and maintaining them. I enjoy shooting long distance and pistols. I’m to young to retire and getting to old to go to work everyday.
  11. Did some quick google searches and found nothing detrimental on a 670. Pretty much a budget gun, but good shooter. Don’t let range snobs put you off of a gun you like or “budget” guns. I made my first 600 yd shot on a set up that cost less than most of the scopes on the rifles on the line that day.
  12. To be honest, I’ve never heard of a W670. I’d be interested in hearing more about them. And welcome to the loft! Start a thread and tell us about yourself
  13. I probably never will taste spruce beer, but a GOOD gin doesn’t taste like a pine tree at all. A gin and tonic used to be my go to drink on a hot day. If you use the cheaper brands of gin, then it’s like one is drinking a pine tree.
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