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  1. I picked a pair of gloves today at Home Depot made by Milwaukee. Thin suede on the finger tips with another layer leather on the side closest to the cylinder. A little padding on the palm
  2. As far as velocity goes. I chrono tested the same load off 44 mag from a 6”, 10” and a 1895 marlin the velocity went up as the barrel length went up. Gained about 200 FPS from short to long.
  3. I shaved the guard on both mine. Helped a lot.
  4. Anyone use them? My hands have been used and abused over the years and it’s catching up to me. Need some recommendations
  5. vic_b

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    Hehe! 8.5 inches got 2 more 6” barrels
  6. vic_b

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    The new one came in today. Just have to wait while the feel good law period is over. About two weeks.
  7. vic_b

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    I called my lgs to have them send an ffl to the dealer I got it off of and he told me they just sold one like I bought for 800. I paid 700 for mine. There’s one on there now, blued for 515.00 with 4 days left. One can find the pistol pack, 3-4 barrels for 1100-1700. They are very nice pistols, if you do your part, they are very accurate! With my first dw in 357 mag I could bounce pop cans around at 75 yards and keep most shots on sheet of printer paper at 125 yards. Of course back then I was shooting close to 300-500 rounds a week and that gun was like another hand.
  8. vic_b

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    No. It’s trash. Frame was blown all the hell and cracked/broke in a couple spots. I just won a Dan Wesson, 8” vent rib in stainless for a decent price though 😁 it should be here in few days. It will be a couple weeks till I can post pics have to go through the hoops.
  9. vic_b

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    It was more like... WTF just happened!? Look at the gun, then my hand. Then it was, FUCK!!!!!!!
  10. vic_b

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    Had it about 3 years. I salvaged what I could and now I’m looking for another. The rest went in the trash.
  11. vic_b

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    Went shooting today, first since the end of June. Everything was going smooth. Put a couple boxes through the 1911, 50 rounds or so through the 22 pistol, picked up the Dan Wesson 44 and was happily banging away at a rock on the hillside. Got about 25 rounds down range when it all went to hell. The only thing I can figure is the one cylinder that was always sticky, had a crack in it and it finally let go. The load, while not light, was nowhere near max. I’ve always double checked the charge using a bright light. Checked the powder dispenser every row, followed all the safety rules. It was my favorite pistol too.
  12. Yup. I was also in another wreck when I was 21. The damage from that and the most recent one is catching up to me. A friend here at work had me try his new seat for his bike and as soon as I sat down it felt like my hip was dislocating. I’m thinking I may have some extra bone growth where the screws went in. I can lay on that side on a hard mattress for about 2 minutes and I have to roll over.
  13. I prefer a shoulder holster. Not so good for the summer, but with my hip on my strong side, it's about my only option. Thought about a small of the back carry. Any opinions on that?
  14. I've fallen asleep with a nicotine patch on and have some really weird vivid dreams. I wake up and think "WTF was that all about?!?!"
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