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  1. vic_b

    Hot sauce

    The next batch is even hotter. Going to shop around for some milder peppers this weekend.
  2. vic_b

    Yesterday at work

    Sounds like a commuter train. The locos we use generate 800 horsepower per cylinder. They have 16 cylinders. Way more power than they really need, as most of the route is level. It was pretty cool. The color brightness didn’t really show up on my phone camera.
  3. vic_b

    Yesterday at work

    After I took the last picture I walked around the car and it was on the latrine. So much for a pot of gold!
  4. Was doing a maintenance inspection on a coach car and heard over the radio “hey Vic, turn around and look up” this is what I saw...
  5. Just got a ballpark figure for the plans/blueprint alone. 2000-4000$
  6. One of my requirements will be background checks and at least a green card. Could care less where they are from as long as they are here legally.
  7. From what I can find without giving up personal information it’s about 95.00-225.00 usd here. I was kinda hoping to narrow it down a bit.
  8. Just looking for a ballpark amount for a 15x18 addition. I can do the finish work, just need everything that requires an inspection done. I realize different areas will have different prices.
  9. Burris makes great scopes!
  10. I will be going back to basics on Saturday. It’s been since September that I went shooting. Going to concentrate on sight placement and trigger control. I’ll worry about draw at home. I also need a good holster for my G17 and 21. I’d like to get a jackass rig to use right hand draw. I am open to suggestions
  11. They are the ones that give basis to all that nobody knows the answer or reason for. I have asked who they were many times for many reasons
  12. This is my latest acquisition. 44 mag got some Taylor’s parts in it and a wolf spring kit. I think those are brand names anyway. Bought it off a friend. Shoots real nice and more accurate than I am at this point.
  13. vic_b

    aluminum case ammo

    I’ve ran quite a bit of it with no issues.
  14. Yesterday, there was a home game game for the Mariners. Along with the usual traffic snarl up BNSF parked a garbage train (bunch of open top cars either filled with garbage or waiting to be filled with garbage) Parked to close to the sensor for the crossing gates. All night the arms would come down and stay down, with no train in sight. As you can imagine, people were getting frustrated and pissed off! When the game ended, it was still messed up. Traffic is a mess! Cars are backed up several blocks normally and the SPD tries to keep the traffic orderly. But with the gates down it got bad! As the time wore on with the gates coming down for extended periods people started trying to go around more and more. My coworkers and I were watching the cars do this prior to punching out. One guy tried to go to fast, hit the tracks at an angle and busted a front wheel almost completely off. It was hanging on by the strut. He finally got off, another hit the tracks and ruptured his gas tank. Another got hung up as a Cascade train was coming, it barely got stopped in time! Someone yelled at us, asking if we could do something. We told him they were freight tracks and we told our boss, but that was the extent of what we could do but he could call the number on a sign and complain. Busses were making U-turns, cars were trying to cut through the yard, as we yelled at them there was no exit, (most ignored us and found out the hard way then tried to turn around, causing a traffic jam in the yard along with several cars hung up on the tracks in the yard, people trying to walk through the yard finding out there was no exit and walking back. All in all, it was very entertaining!
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