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  1. You could afford the best too!
  2. And your boobs would be saggy.
  3. vic_b

    busy at work

    Now that’s an Uber!
  4. Me neither, probably never will.
  5. I may try that.
  6. Me too. Double time and a half is hard to say no to.
  7. I can cut it with a fork.
  8. Just pulled it out of the cooler from resting. It’s juicy, tender and melts in your mouth! I think I have found a new passion!
  9. I didn't see a BBQ thread so I thought I would start one. Today I am going to smoke a chuck roast! Start off with a nicely marbled chuck roast, a little Worcestershire binder and a rub. smoke it for 4-5 hours then pull it out and set it in a beef broth bath, seal it up and cook it for another hour or so then rest it for an hour. We'll see how it turns out.
  10. vic_b


    A buddy bought a cheap winch. It ended up failing him when he needed it the most.
  11. vic_b

    Hot sauce

    Nice! I made another batch but it's too hot even for the Spanish guys at work.
  12. Some of it is hilarious, most is just sad.
  13. I asked if I could wear mine, they said no.
  14. Since going to 2nd shift, my interactions with the homeless have been a nightly thing. It's really bad!! I would be posting here nonstop about the antics these wack jobs do around where I work. But last night was quite an ordeal. On tracks 8 and 9, we have pits we drive the train over to inspect and repair. Well... I was in the pit on track 8 with nothing on track 7, affording me a full view of a storage area where we keep our tool boxes, parts, cleaning gear, etc... I look out from under the train I'm working on and here comes this young doper. I could tell he was hopped up on something because he kept dry humping the air like he was doing some chick doggy style. He stops at a tool box that was left open a little and starts to open it. I holler at him to get the fuck away from there and start to head to the end of the car to get out. I see he's looking around for where the voice came from. He can't find me. He asks where I am. I yell out I'm the fuckin' toolbox! Get away from me! He starts to reach out and I yell to not touch me, or I'll kick his ass. By this time my coworker has joined me. He walks to a different box and my coworker yells out to get away from him too. He's totally freaking out now! He yells Steel boxes can't talk! We both tell him we can! Then he screams something and runs off. After lunch, my coworker and I are heading back to work when he sees something over by another set of repair tracks, we're in an electric cart so we start to head over and there is this female bum and she's got her back to us doing something. I stop about 10 feet from her and just watch for a minute...... she starts to undo her pants and I'm thinking "she's gonna shit here!" I hit the horn on the cart and I swear she jumped 5 feet straight up, turned around in mid air and took off running! She left her back pack so I put on some gloves and took it to the street and left it there. It gets quite entertaining at times here.
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