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  1. Nice! Where’s your socks?
  2. vic_b

    2013 Ford Fusion

    I know the feeling. When I got the settlement from that wreck, I had a shitload of cash in my pocket, ready to deposit in my account.
  3. vic_b

    Rock Island M206

    There are a few mim parts on it, but for my purposes it suits me.
  4. vic_b

    Rock Island M206

    Seems like they do a lot of colt clones. I have an RIA 1911 tactical (I hate that word!) that shoots pretty good.
  5. I've had several myself. I'll go a few months where that's the main rifle I shoot, then it'll sit for awhile and I'll sell it, then start to thinking "Maybe I need another 10/22"
  6. I picked it up today. I'm thinking it would be a shot out piece of crap, only good for tossing behind the seat in the truck. Well.... I couldn't be more wrong! There is no wear hardly at all the normal wear points, the hammer still had all the factory bluing and only 2 lines in the receiver wear the bolt hit. It also has what appears to be the factory grease or some sort of preservative on the bolt. I ran a brush down the bore and it only took a couple patches before it was coming out clean. Needless to say I am pleasantly surprised.😁 I didn't tell them about the stock.
  7. I've never even handled one. I must be old or something, they just don't appeal to me personally.
  8. Anyone ever shot one? They got to be (IMHO) the ugliest gun I've seen and the bullpup design, it has to be a shitty trigger too. I'm just wondering what the allure is.
  9. We were never really “friends” just on a mutual job. Germany had invaded Russia and was close to kicking their ass and getting a supply of raw materials to finish taking over the world along with Japan. We saw it coming so we started helping them with equipment and other things they needed, then Japan attacked us bringing the US into the war. I think what Russia did to Germany towards the end broke any chance at friendship. They really did some bad things.
  10. I was in the Navy 80-84. Some of the shit that went down on the open ocean was pretty scary. Russian subs surfacing between 2 ships unrepping, a destroyer coming right at us in restricted maneuvers, one Russian ship hit us a glancing blow ripped off about 50 feet of railing and damaged the captain’s gig. All kinds of happy horse shit.
  11. Nobody will win WWIII.
  12. I’m going to tell them about the stock after I pick it up 😂
  13. I’ve had quite a few. One I built from a receiver assembly I picked up along the way in Montana. Put a butler creek stock and barrel on it. I taught my kids gun safety and to respect firearms with it. My youngest has it now. It can still shoot the tops off wildflowers at 30 yards.
  14. Ok... I got bored and decided to check out the inventory in the LGS. They were hit hard in the panic buying frenzy recently. I walk in and I'm greeted warmly by the counter guy. (I think he has a crush on my daughter, who is a gun nut also and frequents this store often too) I'm talking to him and I see a 10-22 on the wall with a butler creek folding stock. I had one just like it back in the day (way back in the day!) I asked to look at it and it was in rough shape but I could see it had potential, the stock had some rust on it, it was filthy and the rear sight looked like it took a pretty hard hit at one time. But for 200.00 I thought it would be a good project gun. I'm looking around online for stuff for it and I see on Ebay that the same stock is going for 200.00, look some more and another stock (NIB) is selling for 250.00! Can't wait to get my hands on this and clean it up. ETA: couple more quite a bit cheaper on gunbroker
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