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  1. vic_b

    Adventures with the homeless....

    That's just the stuff that happens on the property. You would not believe the shit that goes on in that area.
  2. vic_b

    I'm back

    Bout time you showed up! It's your round to buy.
  3. vic_b

    She's here

    Guy at work did that. Looked pretty cool, but your idea is a good one.
  4. vic_b

    She's here

    Congratulations!! Those little feet going to be your next tattoo?
  5. vic_b

    Adventures with the homeless....

    I saw that article. It's fucking pathetic what the liberals have done. What used to be a beautiful city has turned into a shit hole. Watch some of the video if you got time. https://komonews.com/news/local/komo-news-special-seattle-is-dying
  6. vic_b

    Adventures with the homeless....

    I didn’t stick around for the search.
  7. vic_b

    Adventures with the homeless....

    Walking to the building from the parking lot across the street, what did I see on a bike heading right at me? A naked man with bicycle cops in hot pursuit! I stopped so I wouldn’t get run over by this idiot and as he got closer I moved into his way forcing him to hit track 10, away from the crossing. He went down and the cops held him there. I was walking away and one of them thanked me. Only in fucking Seattle.
  8. vic_b

    Adventures with the homeless....

    It’s interesting at times that’s for sure.
  9. vic_b

    Dream shotgun

    I got an unmodified 1897. Great shooter and fun to slam fire. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it though. Muscle memory made kept making me want to reset the trigger
  10. vic_b

    Adventures with the homeless....

    Last night I was gathering up tools and supplies not used and putting them in the little cushman electric buggy we got just for this purpose. I told the guys I'd drop flags in the north end of track nine (we were done) so they could bring in the starlight without us being in the way. I'm heading up north at a snails pace in this little buggy. This thing is governed down so slow, it's faster to just walk but I was picking up tools too. On the way north I have to pass by a row of Jobox lockers. I'm putting along when a bum jumps out in front of me and falls down screaming!! I didn't even hit this idiot!! He starts screaming he's gonna sue me, Amtrak and the city of Seattle for everything they got. I get on the radio and call the boss and tell him what's going on. He says he's on the way. 15 minutes later he gets there. He just lays into this guy, telling him everything was caught on camera how he was hiding and waiting to jump out. I pick up a crow bar and ask "Can I take care of this guy?" By this time all he wants to do is leave, but my boss says no, he called the cops and they are on the way. Cops get there and haul him off the property. Most of the time they just take them a few blocks away and dump them out. Don't know about this time.
  11. vic_b

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    I was thinking the same thing.
  12. vic_b

    Sig AK-53

    Looks like the stock was cut from a 2x6. I’ll have to finish watching later though.
  13. vic_b

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    I work with a few people who swear by social media. Back when I was on FB, I used to post stuff that purposely mocked these people. Usually it was a meme showing some scene in a movie, that claimed the actor was a hero of some sort. It was amazing the reactions I got! Or I would prove that the opinion they posted and swore by was based on bullshit. My nephew was a prime example. He posted about a monitor Obama wanted to implement on oil trains that told the engineer that the brake air pressure was low. Well, train brakes work the opposite of what you would think. The less air pressure in the system, the harder the brakes were applied until it got to a certain pressure, then they would go into emergency stopping. Once I posted that, he shut up about it. Except for one person..... No matter what I posted about this, she just would not believe me. I messed her a few days then told her to just shut up because she was an idiot and had no idea what she was talking about. It was fun! I could tell by her posts she was furious I would call her BS with actual facts. Then there was everything on the news. I told a friend all news is biased to a point. If they have ads, they rely on readers and they cater to those readers telling them what they want to read. He don't contact me much any more.
  14. vic_b

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    Me too. I'll expound more on this later.

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