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  1. vic_b

    3d printers

    I haven't played with one but have always wanted too. My son in law and I thought about going in on a printer and getting a better than avg model.
  2. I'll use a reactive target, like balloons or something.
  3. Talking to a friend at work and shoots his at 200 yards all the time making consistent hits.
  4. Optical illusion. I may get one later, but for now, it’s a standard base.
  5. Got the rail to Picatinny conversion today and mounted the scope.
  6. Turkish walnut. Got nice grain too.
  7. Mine is adjustable. Haven't messed with it yet.
  8. I dry fired it a couple times. Need to get some caps. But what I could tell it’s pretty nice. Maybe not glass rod nice, but nice. It was hard to tell from just a couple times.
  9. From all my research and a friend that has a 455, this will be better than my first hand job! Probably last longer too!
  10. Mock up with scope on it. Yes. My office is a trash heap.
  11. CZ757 varmint . Going to be awhile before I can shoot it. But I have a scope and rings for it already, with a 11mm rail to Picatinny conversion on the way.
  12. Currently reading White Fang by Jack London. I read this when I was in jr high the first time, and probably 4-5 times since. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!
  13. You shouldn’t be disappointed with the savage.
  14. vic_b

    Ultra dot scopes

  15. vic_b

    Ultra dot scopes

    Thinking of putting one on my new to me Dan Wesson. Anyone have any experience with the ultra dot scope?
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