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  1. vic_b

    Ultra dot scopes

  2. vic_b

    Ultra dot scopes

    Thinking of putting one on my new to me Dan Wesson. Anyone have any experience with the ultra dot scope?
  3. Sometimes better. much to my chagrin
  4. The only thing I don’t like about them are the MIM parts.
  5. I've had 2 taurus 1911's and now on my second RIA 1911. Never had a bit of trouble with either one.
  6. An O-ring would work to keep it tight too. Hard part would be finding one thin enough and big enough around to put on it.
  7. To be honest, I can shoot better with my Glocks. But a 1911 is just fun to shoot.
  8. Oh my GOD!!!!! hell hath frozen over!!!!!!
  9. I had a 1917 remington that was my first true hunting rifle, I got it and cleaned it and was lucky to hit a paper plate at 100 yards. I cleaned it and cleaned it and cleaned it. Finally I stopped getting copper residue. It got worse. My brother in law told me to not clean it so much and to just remove the carbon fouling. After a box or two it was shooting much, much better. Never did get MOA out of it but I got quite a few deer with it. Here's some from my Blackhawk.
  10. Im going to clean it again and see how it looks. But yes, it’s pretty rough.
  11. I'l play with it some more and keep you updated. $54 from amazon.
  12. I picked up a Teslong borescope recently, and since I couldn't sleep, thought I would play with it. This ting could not be simpler to use! I got a mac, so all I had to do was plug it into a USB port and select it to view. I used it on my Dan Wesson barrel (the one I blew up) and this is what I saw....
  13. I picked a pair of gloves today at Home Depot made by Milwaukee. Thin suede on the finger tips with another layer leather on the side closest to the cylinder. A little padding on the palm
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