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  1. Danatkins


    I'm with you Bob.
  2. Danatkins

    Sig P226

    That sig 220 hunter is a nice one. Buddy of mine carries a g29 for his edc I'm not sure I'd want to try that
  3. Danatkins

    Sig P226

    Always like the 226. Buddy of mine has a glock in 357sig he says it fires a fireball every time
  4. I had an 8 ounce and loaded potato. Wife had ribs
  5. Always love those sanbar stag handles. That's what I used on mine but had to use a tip. That is a work of art
  6. No it's aimed more in that direction. No more danger of shooting yourself than with any other holster though
  7. More like femoral but hey if the dam thing goes off that means I did something stupid
  8. The bottom picture I was causing my shirt to pull back but normal movement it hides very well
  9. Ain't been at it that long. Not saying the muzzy is a bad one heck Ryan Cleckner was talking on his podcast the other day he still uses the old steel zwickey broadhead lol.
  10. My muddy river has a claw it helps with the shield. If you don't have much extra meat around your pelvic girdle get a gel heel insert for a shoe and velcro it by the muzzle on the back side. Planning on it with my I've got one hell of a rub mark on me where the muzzle end has rubbed me while driving. Other than that I'm a definite convert to aiwb carry
  11. If these don't work as advertised I'm getting some g5 Montec. Watched a guy shoot at a 1/2" sheet of plywood at a 45 angle with the g5, rage hypodermic, muzzy and forget the 4th one the other three bounced off the montec slammed through like it was paper
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