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  1. Danatkins

    Ultra dot scopes

    Looks like the old millet that dad has for his race gun
  2. Which High Standard? Dad has the Victor that's a tack driver
  3. Saw that I want one if it'll run worth a damn
  4. Looks like rossi copied the 1022
  5. If you're like me that cci quiet gave you an ear to ear grin lol. The one I shot we were hearing it smack a 2 liter bottle at 20 yards.
  6. I've only shot suppressed 22 pistol once and it was all standard velocity but I think the velocity is measured in a rifle
  7. Standard velocity will be fine with a can even the high velocity won't go super sonic in that barrel or shouldn't
  8. I've got a bunch of brass and bullets for 45 and dad has about 2k of his old competition rounds so if I get a 45 I'll have plenty. Just prefer to keep it simple
  9. Dad's got one just like that. I have had a rock island and a sig. I've been eyeing the ruger in 9mm. We only have 9mm and don't really want to pick up another caliber
  10. He bought it cause it was unfired. The mp5 wasn't. He also passes on a mini gun for 20k right before the ban. That fucker would sell for 450k now
  11. Agreed I enjoy shooting dad's M11/9 with a can and subs but would be much more fun if it were closed bolt. Still don't know why he bought the NIB mac instead of a 1 mag mp5 for the same price lol
  12. You could get a mac11 and slap a lage on it lol.
  13. What state did you get your ccw from?
  14. Yeah I'm right in the middle of accuracy node
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