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  1. Danatkins

    3d printers

    I've looked into it. Just too much other stuff going on and no room for one right now anyhow
  2. Yeah if we had a thinner plate would've been better this was 3/4 mild steel and it's a 24 inch circle
  3. I did 300 with mine but you've got to really listen unless you're using a small plate lol.
  4. I've got the 455. Did they go back to the art trigger that the 452 had or still the adjustable one. Mine shoots .25 at 50 yards with a 7x scope
  5. Don't know about the smaller mags but I noticed with the 22 rounder if you didn't watch it the rounds would try to go single stack in the middle of the mag. I loaded it and unloaded it by hand a couple times and seemed to fix it.
  6. I'm reading the Scott Harvath series by Brad Thor I'm on like the 7th book or so
  7. That's true. Like my 308 it hates the 178 eld series but loves 175smk
  8. I'd stay with the 250-285 weight. I was listening to Frank Galli on his podcast the other day he was saying the 300 are what kind of kill the 338lm they don't go as fast as they need to keep up velocity at longer rangers. Being a savage it'll probably speed up around 150 or there abouts my 308 has 165 on it and starting to do that
  9. My buddy has the old chassis model of that. It's a hog. My next rifle will be a prc. How heavy is that one
  10. M&p uses a metal catch? Been too long since I've had 1. I have a 22 rounder for th g17 and it runs awesome
  11. That 4th one just looks mean
  12. Danatkins

    Ultra dot scopes

    Looks like the old millet that dad has for his race gun
  13. Which High Standard? Dad has the Victor that's a tack driver
  14. Saw that I want one if it'll run worth a damn
  15. Looks like rossi copied the 1022
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