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  1. Danatkins

    She's here

    Thanks man.
  2. Danatkins

    I'm back

    Dang Bob. Wyotech did the same thing just thankfully well after I left, but also after I paid back what I owed
  3. Danatkins

    She's here

    Oh I know Bob my oldest is 8 going on 15
  4. Danatkins

    She's here

    No they did that when they did her birth certificate I'm gonna do her name going off one of the A's on Alyssa across my chest make the kids names like a scrabble board
  5. Danatkins

    She's here

    Thanks Dundee
  6. Danatkins

    She's here

    0615 this morning Athena Jean Atkins made her appearance she was 7 pounds 2 ounces, 20 inches long mom and baby are doing fine
  7. Danatkins

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    Free chance's to win a gun for 5 minutes of time a day why the fuck not
  8. Danatkins

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    Some dude in Tennessee won it. It's always TN, FL or TX
  9. Danatkins

    Dream shotgun

    Yeah I just don't know if you can slam fire them. Kinda fun with a working 97 just watch the thumb
  10. Danatkins

    Dream shotgun

    My buddy has a couple sporting versions of this but I want one like this one And great for some comedy since Ian is usually very proper and professional
  11. Contest - Win A Barrett 82A1 50 BMG Rifle https://wn.nr/W3yrXE
  12. Do they not have different springs?
  13. I've been wanting to do one I've done 2 80% ar lowers figure this is the next step
  14. How hard was the lower to do? That thing looks sweet
  15. Danatkins

    Hey Vic

    Happy birthday Vic

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