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  1. Figured so, but then again my mother can hear someone whisper from 2 rooms away so who knows lol
  2. 22 out of a pistol really? Maybe I'm already half dead. I shot a suppressed mk3 ruger a few years back and with standard ammo the bullet smacking the 2liter was louder than the round going off
  3. Quick comparison of the olight and tlr1s. Whatever charge comes from the factory on the olight and the batteries in the tlr1s are about 9 months old but haven't been used much fence is 20 yards or so just behind the forked tree pool is 10 dark picture is with just ambient light Olight is the wider beam
  4. I would've took a pic last night but I took that one and crashed. My little back yard is about 30 yards x 25 yards or so and firing the light out the back door completely lit up my yard. If it's dark enough when I go out with the dogs before bed I'll take it out again and do a quick comparison with it and the tlr1
  5. I watched that yesterday. He's a bit off saying the cans aren't hearing safe though.
  6. Didn't take pics of the backyard with the lights will do that soon got home last night took them out of the package and went to bed. The weapon light has a very wide beam and that little keychain one for only running one aaa wow
  7. Don't know about other matches but I know every match down at rock Castle has at least one stage in the little cave and it's pitch black in there. Out at Pawnee,OK they just did a complete night match about a month ago. Mine should be here Tuesday we'll see how it does I bought mine mainly for EDC
  8. It's not shooting from a bench it's running 5 or 10k and going through mud and grime, over barricades and obstacles and such. Most of them shoot at least every other weekend
  9. Some of them do about 6 a year or more. Its definitely quite a test of gear
  10. Plenty of the guys I know that do run and guns use them and they hold up good.
  11. https://www.olightstore.com/pl-mini-2-1.html 600 lumen light for less than 70 heck yeah
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