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  1. It's got a good flavor but a touch too warm
  2. Danatkins

    Rmr give away

    Just looking on Instagram a minute ago and saw this https://wn.nr/T8n5Wg
  3. Had a glass of woodford tonight. I'll be glad when this is gone much prefer my maker's mark and 4 roses
  4. I'm assuming this is the stuff you sent us in the baby food jar? Had a good flavor but little too much heat for us gonna give it to my brother Sunday he loves hot sauce and has been wanting to try it
  5. We've got a set on our 10/22 glad to know they stand behind their products
  6. Take a hard look at the Burris 1.5-8 drck my buddy has one his run and gun rifle and absolutely loves it
  7. Glad you got it sorted out Bob. What optic you gonna go with Drck?
  8. Haven't used the shockwave but want to get and SB for my 300blk used one once it was not bad. 80 lowers are fun but make sure you use a variable speed router don't want to throw a bit through the trigger well like I did
  9. Danatkins

    My Revolvers

    A Redhawk is on my short list and that snake is just perfect
  10. Danatkins

    I'm back

    Dang Bob. Wyotech did the same thing just thankfully well after I left, but also after I paid back what I owed
  11. Oh I know Bob my oldest is 8 going on 15
  12. No they did that when they did her birth certificate I'm gonna do her name going off one of the A's on Alyssa across my chest make the kids names like a scrabble board
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