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  1. He bought it cause it was unfired. The mp5 wasn't. He also passes on a mini gun for 20k right before the ban. That fucker would sell for 450k now
  2. Agreed I enjoy shooting dad's M11/9 with a can and subs but would be much more fun if it were closed bolt. Still don't know why he bought the NIB mac instead of a 1 mag mp5 for the same price lol
  3. You could get a mac11 and slap a lage on it lol.
  4. What state did you get your ccw from?
  5. Yeah I'm right in the middle of accuracy node
  6. Danatkins


    Yes but can be used for live fire too
  7. Danatkins


    The 3 bars on the right are showing too little trigger, the 2 on the bottom show pushing, rope right is healing not sure what bottom right is I think anticipating recoil
  8. Danatkins


    Trigger finger position and follow through mostly
  9. Danatkins


    Knowing what I was doing wrong
  10. Danatkins

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    Bet it'll be a pussycat with that big barrel
  11. I have a pair of Oakley gloves that I use just fair warning they run small and cut the trigger fingers out cause you can't feel crap
  12. Danatkins


    I borrowed this one from a buddy it really helped my shooting
  13. So don't think my rifle like the Eldm's the smaller group was my m118lr clone load second was 178 eldm. .20 off the lands with 43.5 grains of imr4064. This sucks because I figured the eldm would fly better oh well I'll shoot up what I've got and get some more smk's
  14. The messed up thing is they're just grabbing at random off the stack from my understanding. One guy over on snipershide called either his congressman or senator and his stamp was back a month later.
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