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  1. Sounds like a buddy of mine he has a bank account but just carries nothing but cash
  2. Danatkins

    Rock Island M206

    RIA makes good guns for the money I had one of their gi model 1911 great gun. Haven't really handled the wheel guns but looks nice
  3. I've only got to do suppressed full auto once and I walked away with the black stripe on the cheek. This definitely would've helped
  4. Only problem with piston system is it limits your hand guard choice a lot of times. I like the skinny midwest and bcm rails and you can't run a piston on those
  5. What a lighter? Too expensive for that shit
  6. Kind of where I'm at with it. I actually like the way it looks but way too much money for me
  7. Never heard of these until now. Agreed on FA blowback I had a black streak from doing a mag dump on a guy's suppressed upper on a RDIAS lower after the last run and gun. Nothing more fun though lol
  8. I can't get over the trigger on most bullpups. The Tavor is one of the better ones. But as Etho said if you don't need something small then just go with a regular rifle
  9. Haven't shot one personally I've handled one it doesn't actually feel that bad manipulating it. Have shot an AUG but wasn't impressed
  10. I watched a docu series on youtube I forget where it aired orginally but it was older. It was about the cold war and holy shit they were worried we were gonna attack even though we weren't and same on us we thought they were going to even though they weren't gonna. Was quite comical actually
  11. I miss my last one. Super lightweight match barrel and a tack driver.
  12. Just hadn't worked up a load yet. Got a good deal on titegroup and even at max which is 4.8 it's still pretty weak. I need to find some better powder but got 8 pounds of it to use up first
  13. Yeah I'm thinking it was user induced as well. I shot mostly factory but these Canik are notorious for wanting really hot ammo the first couple hundred was just curious if mine would cycle my reloads. I'm probably gonna buy 100 rounds every week till I get 500 through it then get some more bullets to reload. Tried doing some loading yesterday but I need to clean up dad's press it wasn't wanting to feed primers for some reason
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