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  1. Carries nicer than the g17 ever thought about even though this one has a bigger light. Need to but a dr schoals gel pad on the back to shove the bottom out just a bit though the light rubs a little. Other than that I love this setup just need to get me a holosun 507v2 and I'll be golden
  2. My minuteman concealment revolution 3.0 for my executive with pl2 valkyrie finally arrived. Order date 5/14/20 not bad. Beats the rig I was carrying my g17 in
  3. Sounds like a buddy of mine he has a bank account but just carries nothing but cash
  4. Danatkins

    Rock Island M206

    RIA makes good guns for the money I had one of their gi model 1911 great gun. Haven't really handled the wheel guns but looks nice
  5. I've only got to do suppressed full auto once and I walked away with the black stripe on the cheek. This definitely would've helped
  6. Only problem with piston system is it limits your hand guard choice a lot of times. I like the skinny midwest and bcm rails and you can't run a piston on those
  7. What a lighter? Too expensive for that shit
  8. Kind of where I'm at with it. I actually like the way it looks but way too much money for me
  9. Never heard of these until now. Agreed on FA blowback I had a black streak from doing a mag dump on a guy's suppressed upper on a RDIAS lower after the last run and gun. Nothing more fun though lol
  10. I can't get over the trigger on most bullpups. The Tavor is one of the better ones. But as Etho said if you don't need something small then just go with a regular rifle
  11. Haven't shot one personally I've handled one it doesn't actually feel that bad manipulating it. Have shot an AUG but wasn't impressed
  12. I watched a docu series on youtube I forget where it aired orginally but it was older. It was about the cold war and holy shit they were worried we were gonna attack even though we weren't and same on us we thought they were going to even though they weren't gonna. Was quite comical actually
  13. I miss my last one. Super lightweight match barrel and a tack driver.
  14. Just hadn't worked up a load yet. Got a good deal on titegroup and even at max which is 4.8 it's still pretty weak. I need to find some better powder but got 8 pounds of it to use up first
  15. Yeah I'm thinking it was user induced as well. I shot mostly factory but these Canik are notorious for wanting really hot ammo the first couple hundred was just curious if mine would cycle my reloads. I'm probably gonna buy 100 rounds every week till I get 500 through it then get some more bullets to reload. Tried doing some loading yesterday but I need to clean up dad's press it wasn't wanting to feed primers for some reason
  16. Well shot 102 rounds today 100 speer lawmen 115 fmj and 2 hand loads one was my usual pussycat 115 with 4.3 grains of titegroup the other had 4.7. The 4.7 had noticable more recoil than the .3 but nothing on the lawmen. I've been shooting powder puff loads too much. I used to shoot Winchester 124 NATO all the time. Only problems I had was 2 failure to lock back but i think I might have caused that by riding the slide stop
  17. Yeah I've had a few of the stoeger shotguns over the years. Decent guns I'm taking it to my folks tomorrow to do some shooting see how it does
  18. If you do go to military arms channel webpage he has a link the first month is 99 cents then it's 6.99 a month
  19. This one and elite combat run about 700 BDU is kind of like Costco you pay like 7 a month to get pretty good discounts they have rmr for about 350
  20. 672 plus 40 for transfer. Would've been 700 before taxes at basspro so I still came out ahead. One of the guys I do run and guns with EDC is the tan version of this but it's got the 13x1 left hand threaded barrel. His competition gun is the sfx. The reset on this thing is extremely short like 1 maybe 2 millimeters
  21. Ordered this 2 weeks ago from Big Daddy Unlimited and it showed up at my gun store yesterday about 230. Had to get some more sandpaper for the bathroom floor so swing by the gun store to bring it home. Canik elite combat executive. It's one of 1 that Canik is doing with Salient Arms has a Salient trigger, barrel and magwell plus I wanna say Warren tactical sights. Fits my hand like a glove. Comes with a plate to put an rmr footprint red dot on it I'm probably gonna go with a holosun 507v2 since it has the side loading battery. Hopefully it'll stop with the nasty weather tomorrow and I can do some shooting while the wife is at work
  22. So went to my parents place the other day for some range time while I'm on call and figured I'd double check my dope. My chronograph was acting goofy last time I tried using it so I just sat a target out at 359 yards. Longest I can get without moving a bunch of old equipment. Shot this 5 shot group and this is what my strelok was telling me to set velocity to. Originally dialed 1.9 I was using fgmm 175 data since my load is close to that. My load is 41.5 of imr4064 under a 175smk. This seems weird that I would need that high velocity for truing. on another note if any of y'all shoot 308 try the federal 185 berger load wow
  23. Danatkins

    3d printers

    I've looked into it. Just too much other stuff going on and no room for one right now anyhow
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