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  1. Interesting. I wasn't sure about this one, but I'll check it out. Tarantino is supposedly doing the next Star Trek movie.
  2. Congrats again, my friend. Tis a good thing.
  3. Jred. (Who was last seen drowning in a giant fluffy bowl of pussywhip. But we won't hold that against him. ). From my quick research, the ballpark is about $150/sq. ft. for your area, Vic.
  4. Congrats on the new life!! Sorry that your career plans took a bit of a turn due to an injury, but it sounds like you are still able to pursue the field of endeavor that you want. Cyber security is a huge deal, and it will only get bigger. Glad to see you around.
  5. Thumper

    Sad news

    I agree, that is really strange sounding. But Jeff wasn't in fantastic health. He had a heart attack at one point when I was still on staff there. He used to be a major cigar smoker and had a massive collection of cigars. (He had even sent me a bunch from his collection at one point). But he didn't stop smoking them altogether after his heart attack. He cut back, but prior to my departure there, he was still indulging in one every now and again. Kind of risky after a heart attack. Not judging by any means as I am someone who believes in living life to it's fullest as much as possible, but there are inherent risks for heart attack survivors (as some here can attest to). I haven't had contact with G since I left there, but I had always gotten along with him. Like most of us who knew him, I had my differences of opinions with him, and that was fine. He was one of the most open minded people when it came to a discussion, and he was probably the most respectful of the philosophy of everyone has their own opinions. He'd give you his, but he would also listen to yours, and he was open to discussions and debate. I always respected that about him. But I, like several others, used to get infuriated at his stance on some things and the fact that he would debate anything, I will unashamedly admit. But he was almost always a gentleman about how he would conduct a discussion or debate. (Even if I didn't agree with a lot of his positions on things). Next time that I have a glass of scotch, I'll raise a glass in his honor. RIP Jeff. (and wife). ***just read the article linked, and wow. That is really weird.
  6. After I got the board back online this afternoon, I was having the exact same problem as you were yesterday. Then I updated the themes, and it worked fine. So, it wasn't your computer. Between the outdated board software and the outdated theme, it was causing problems across at least 2 different browsers.
  7. Okay, I have the updated the theme, so it should be working. I am getting pretty good performance with the new software. If anyone is having problems, please post it here.
  8. That took a lot longer than anticipated due to an error in the database. I'm having issues across different browsers now, and our Chameleon Dark theme isn't compatible with the new board software. (I am trying to get a new version of it). Bear with me..........
  9. I am going to update the board's software at 8:45 am CST today, so we may be offline for a few minutes.
  10. Thumper

    So WTH?

    I am going to update the board's software right now, so we may be offline for a minute or two............
  11. Thumper

    So WTH?

    I need to run an update on the board software, but I will do it late tonight when fewer people are online. We'll see if that doesn't help the problem. Not sure why that affects your computer/browser. Nothing actually has changed, and the downtime wasn't caused by any sort of a network or server error. But I will check on it.
  12. Wow. I'm impressed. With as wild and seemingly unchecked that state has been regarding some of the ridiculous laws they've passed, along with the latest push for anti-gun legislation that is being generated from the anti-gun parties, I am pleased to see such a ruling. But, it's always a slippery slope when the Federal Government steps into State's laws. But with the way that they have done that in regards to other matters, it's nice to see one go "our" way.
  13. I was wondering what had become of that whole deal.
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