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  1. I was born exactly 1 month later.
  2. It may not be floriduh but she might have been from there originally. http://cbsnews10.com/erie-pennsylvania-woman-high-on-meth-dies-after-pumping-gasoline-into-her-anus/?fbclid=IwAR2eNGpEDkICPOlyf5JA4w_tQr5N7A98PEJYfqsJNJTsAji2Yqmr_d29LbY
  3. Asot

    Grand Teton

    It's running about 10-11000 cfs
  4. Asot

    Grand Teton

    It’s a semi permanent guide tent I don’t know the manufacturer.
  5. Asot

    Grand Teton

    I hope to met up with you.
  6. Asot

    Grand Teton

    Not if you have a zero degree down sleeping bag ??
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