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  1. And nobody has mentioned that all Bunnings stores are built on a highly polished concrete floor which is slippery as fuck to begin with, but let’s blame the sausage sandwich .
  2. Several

    So I made this Seax....Need ideas/opinions

    Holy crap that’s a sweet ass blade, I think a quality equally sweet sheath and if someone wants to mount it in a display case they can build or buy their own. Offering display boxes and other specialty items seems like a whole other expensive avenue that will take time away from your knife making process and probably won’t give as good a $$$ return for your time and effort.
  3. Several

    Not even once.

    the existence of such things baffle me, just like eating one of those Carolina Reaper or similar chillies, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  4. Several

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw (1-10)

    Good to hear, can’t wait to see it myself.
  5. Several

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw (1-10)

    I finally saw the last Jedi a few days ago. It was ok, not as good as I’d anticipated.
  6. Several

    Ban Era Relic

    Pretty sure the ones here were scoped with a 4x40 Nikko gold crown or something similar.
  7. Several

    Ban Era Relic

    You used to get them here for $300 with 1000 rounds of mil surp.
  8. Several

    Ban Era Relic

    I remember trying to shoot goats and pigs with the SKK with a 30 round mag, woefully balanced and just truly horrible to use.
  9. Several

    It happened in 1973

    This was 4 years before my birth on the other side of the world and even I know about Secretariat.
  10. Several

    It happened in 1976

    Farah was ok, she’s no Lynda Carter though.
  11. Several

    NHL Player Homeless

    I wonder how much hard drugs plays into the situation also, I imagine most of these young athletes that hit the big time abuse themselves as much chemically as they do physically. You only have to look old rockers like Ozzy Osbourne to see the damage from drugs is pretty similar to repeated concussions.
  12. Several

    100+ year old private car

    Very cool, I didn’t know such things as private rail cars still existed in this day and age.
  13. Several

    random 1

  14. Several

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw (1-10)

    I’ve been re watching old movies lately, Smokey and the Bandit, 1984, The Warriors. Still good movies.
  15. Several

    random 1


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