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  1. Na, he just bagged a 500 pound sow
  2. That's how Dan got his first wife
  3. Happy Easter you pack of turds ?
  4. I lost it at the Anne Frank part. That'a that hidin bitch, right?
  5. We're finished here. Got a punch list for me, the tile guys and the dumpster has to be picked up. I've got to put a new pool fence in at mom's house and I am done. I've got my Buddy Carlos, our grunt carpenter digging post holes, setting the posts and attaching the gate hardware today. I'm going to help him finish tomorrow, finish my punch list Friday, then chill out for three days. Then home for Easter When my brother got here the week after Irma he couldn't even get into the yard. There was no power here, the gate motor seized and there was a tree across the driveway. He called certa pro the day before the hurricane to schedule the house to be cleaned, not knowing how bad the damage would truly be. But at least he got them in, rented a boxcar sized container and had them remove anything salvageable, clean it and store it. FEMA had trucks coming by every other day picking up your trash, so he had all the soft goods thrown outside the gate. It was bad a storm shutter in the left hand bedroom tore away, the window broke and luckily, the bed and wind slammed the door shut, or the damage would have been far worse. The bedroom filled with over 30 inches of water, seaweed and sand, the water slowly seeped under the door and there was a good ten inches everywhere else. He had the entire bedroom taken down to the frame and the rest of the first floor rooms taken up four feet. Drywall was removed and replaced by Thanksgiving. That's when he came to see me and asked for my help. Workers down here are generally terrible and people were gouging, not showing up and doing half assed work. We got the top tile spic in the keys, a crabby loser sewer guy for a plumber and a 400 pound electrician. The sprinklers were all replaced after we had 12 semi loads of topsoil replaced, then the new landscape went in. Sod and landscape were not covered by insurance, so that was 70k. The pier also was 70 k and not covered. Pool was about 40. All together, 300k out of pocket. We got so much done ourselves. Most of the casing, base and crown we did. We installed the kitchen, living room and bathroom cabinets, most of the deck rails and replaced a lot of deck lumber. I painted every square inch of this housebinside twice and a good dealbof the exterior. Last weekend pressure washed the decks and just finished staining them today. Not bad for a diabetic 60 year old with three knee replacements and a guy with a broken back and a mangled foot. Four crazy months. I'm going to miss this place, but we have another house a quarter mile down the road with an ocean view, just no more beach. Life's still good. I'll get some before pics up with some more interior and exterior shots soon
  6. I thought it was in February, but one of his 17 Facebook profiles said it was today, so I went with it. Any excuse to post frosting smeared twat and tits ?
  7. Satchmo

    Metal Thread

    Steve Harris is one of the most competent bessists out there. He's not flashy, but his music just drives that band's sound like a tank.
  8. Satchmo

    Metal Thread

    I ran across this band a few months ago. Never thought I'd ever want to fuck Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain lol If you've ever seen Maiden live, she sounds almost exactly like Bruce hahaha And Nita Strauss is hot as fuck and also plays for Alice Cooper
  9. I bet the neck angle isn't a severe as the Gibson, which means it will actually stay in tune
  10. There are a few top flight companies out there who make identical clones to any guitar or bass, and you're looking at maybe 4-500 dollars. I have a few websites saved, but doubt I'll ever pull the trigger. The reality is, there's a few really awesome guitar factories in China, and a few bad ones. The good factories make PRS, Epiphone, Schecter and so many other brands. The other factories make those 65 dollar strats you see on Ebay. My girlfriend bought me a Gibson LP Custom and I picked up an Epiphone LP custom, identical models, color and all. I honestly cannot tell the difference between a 3700 dollar guitar and the 650 dollar guitar. My friend who is a great player and a LP lover says they both play the same, feel the same to him and the Epi is actually a bit heavier and balanced better. The worst cunts in the world next to child rapists are Gibson and Fender sycophants. Fucking fanboy cunts make me insane.
  11. That's a cool looking guitar for sure. Most LP clones sound and play as good, if not better than Gibson
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