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  1. FinFan77

    It’s adorable!

    Insert popcorn smiley here. Do you have more details? I for one am very curious.
  2. Well, I'm a little foggy on that detail, but probably since there's just the one road.
  3. That must have been a great trip. Hopefully she will want to do more after this one. Rode a bicycle along the South rim and slept in the reservation towards the East end. That was only about 31 years ago.
  4. Mine came today. I shd open it.
  5. Is that the little freebie light? Mine shd be here soon.
  6. Hell if you are a new customer and register now they are giving away a free flashlight to boot. Registration was just name and email. $63 out the door for the Valkyrie and a little pen light. Not bad.
  7. I've eyeballed them before. I like the look of them.
  8. Man you really crank those fuckers out.
  9. FinFan77

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    Bingo on the LCP. Obviously not a 9, but takes zero thought or planning to carry just grab and go. The LCP 2 really does have a superior trigger to the original and also has the lock-back feature for the slide when the last round is fired, which the original does not. Weird. Never heard of the Technaclip. THat's pretty slick.
  10. FinFan77

    Glock gen 2 or 3

    Do you mostly want the 3 for the light rail? You can make your own damn finger grooves.
  11. Hell, I ran a bunch thru my G23 over the years and never had an issue.
  12. Free needles , no consequences, be kind hearted and you get this kind of result.
  13. Thanks for your work. Extra carrots.
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