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  1. Hell, I ran a bunch thru my G23 over the years and never had an issue.
  2. Free needles , no consequences, be kind hearted and you get this kind of result.
  3. Thanks for your work. Extra carrots.
  4. The only thing w/ one hand? Sounds like good stuff. I had awesome green sauce down in Mexico back in the 80's. Wasn't spicey, just great flavor.
  5. No help here. Welcome.
  6. FinFan77

    I'm back

    Glad to hear things are good Bobber.
  7. FinFan77

    She's here

    Congrats on the new arrival. Glad both are doing well.
  8. He was fine w/ it, just put it towards an AR.
  9. I know a guy that won a "Glock" for being in some gun insurance thing. He already carried the insurance, sent in an entry and won, but they just sent a check for $650 as opposed to an actual gun. That was just last year.
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