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  1. Drck

    New members

    Did a bunch of cleanup. If anyone “live” was cleaned up, please PM and I’ll get you back online.
  2. Yeah. I’ll take care of them when I get to my laptop.
  3. That cookout looks good! Mostly relaxing weekend. 3 fantasy football drafts and a bunch of food at those. Also a beer and cigar night at a friend’s house. Sounds like you’re well prepared. Hope the hurricane dissipates before reaching anywhere near you. Stay safe!
  4. Brodozers? Some of those here too. Life’s, exhaust, big mud tires, brush guard, etc. Only sees black top from person’s house to work.
  5. Drck

    Glock: Death of A King

    I hear ya. That’s a preppy elaborate bot if it is. Anyway, back to Glocks...
  6. Drck

    Glock: Death of A King

    Giving benefit of doubt. There’s lots of “worry about nothing” posts I made back when I started.
  7. Drck

    Glock: Death of A King

    Perfectly level accessory mount? Worrying about nothing...
  8. Vodka drinker here. Goose is my usual, but Tito’s is a good alternative and usually cheaper. Gin is ok, but can’t stand the cheaper stuff. Gives me a headache.
  9. Lots of truth in there. While I certainly appreciate quality products, I always look for value in “budget” guns and accessories.
  10. Drck

    New members

    Noticing them too. I can usually tell by their email addy if spammers. But always welcome new folks!
  11. Same here. Back in younger days, was only enough to get to fishing spots and stuff. WA has some awesome terrain for that sort of adventures.
  12. What sort of issues have you experienced? I’ve never built PSA kits, but I’ve had a couple of the complete uppers and they’re pretty good for the price. One is my beater AR and another was getting a buddy set up for a budget gun and both have been great. I mean I still have my Colt, BCM and LMT ARs. I’m not saying they’re equal, but they all go bang when loaded up with decent ammo.
  13. Drck

    Sig P226

    I’ve shot a Glock 21 and the 10 mm version. Interesting, but no real interest in owning one. Maybe if I had tons of $$$ for ammo, maybe.
  14. Drck

    Sig P226

    Imagine shooting that same round in a polymer gun 🤔
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