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  1. Drck

    She's here

    Congrats Dan! Glad to hear mom and baby are well!
  2. Drck

    I'm back

    Hey Bobbo
  3. Drck

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Apparently easy to fool folks from KY. 😝
  4. Drck

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

    I’ll bet ya $5 you don’t win. What is that. Like 1-2 rounds? 😝
  5. Drck

    Hey one of us could be like Etho

  6. Drck

    Sig AK-53

    Reportedly only around 50 built. Must fetch a pretty nice price.
  7. Drck

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    Yup. Usually weak minded millennials without capacity to think for themselves, nor do they want to find the truth. Quick to rush to judgement and be with their peers on #movements. Yeah, there are those in all age groups, but seems that more are millennials. At least that I’ve noticed.
  8. Drck

    Adventures with the homeless....

    I had more than a few projects in that area of Seattle. I don't recall be being that bad in the 1997-2004 timeframe, but I know Seattle has changed quite a bit. We used to hit up Pecos Pit pretty often. Just looked them up and they are on 1st and S Stacy. Seems about where I remember them. That was some good pulled pork messican BBQ. at least by my standards.
  9. Drck

    Hey db

    Happy Birthday DB! Hope you’re having a great one!
  10. Drck

    Hey Vic

    I meant how long the train ride from Tacoma to Everett.
  11. Drck

    Hey Vic

    That’s pretty past. My commute from downtown Seattle to my house in Lynnwood (148th SW) was about 20 mins without traffic.
  12. Drck

    Hey Vic

    That must be a pretty long haul. Like 3-4 hours?
  13. Drck

    Hey Vic

    Sounds like textbook definition of insanity. 😜 Hope you’re not snowed in.
  14. Drck

    Two Bowies available....

    That first one is seksi!

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