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  1. I’ve seen both. I don’t own one, bit many shooter friend here do. I have a M&P 22 and my dad’s High Standard, so that’s enough 22s for me. Maybe a 22 rifle one day.
  2. Drck

    Ultra dot scopes

    Ahh. No experience with those and haven’t seen any. I think C-More and other similar are pretty common for open division guns I’ve seen.
  3. Advantage Arms 22 conversions were popular. Guess Glock wanted their own.
  4. The more I read their articles and videos, the more I realize how big goobers they are. It appears that they’ve gotten better over the years, but they have posted some stuff that would (or should) make experiences shooters scratch their heads.
  5. Drck

    Ultra dot scopes

    What’s an ultra dot? I have a couple of RMRs on handguns.
  6. I remember when a guy was shooting his 6mm something or other in a range in AK suppresssed. Was still damn loud. I assumed it was the supersonic crack.
  7. 0.30 for which gun(s)? .308 Win? Ahh, so 0.45 can be used to a range of calibers?
  8. Nice! What other calibers are you getting cans for? I’d love one for 9 mm.
  9. Yeah. I have a RI 9 mm. Def good enough for range and more. While I’m not a “everyone has to have a 1911 in 45 ACP”, if I ever got one, I’d want it to be a nice one.
  10. While I very much want a WC and can afford it, it wouldn’t get shot much. Ammo prices and other reasons. A SA seems more practical.
  11. Yup. Mostly seen with optics, both mount to rail and optic to the mount. I usually put witness marks on things so I could notice if they are moving. Haven’t noticed one yet and have had a few guns where it took quite a bit of effort to remove something since I prob put too much loctite on it. 😩🤬
  12. I’ll have to check the box for parts. There’s a few small envelope of stuff. I know there are two rings that are for if you wanted to go with exposed turrets as opposed to the capped turrets.
  13. I can feel the temps dropping here in Hawaii. Haha Looks like a nice one. I was always interested in a Colt 1911. If I were to get one today, I’m guessing a SA or Wilson Combat 😝
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