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  1. Drck

    Yesterday at work

    Nice! Pretty common sight here, but I don’t recall it much in Seattle. Was always too overcast.
  2. $150/sq ft? Dayum! I’d build a couple of mansions!
  3. I’ve designed many. Would help you, but my structural stamp isn’t good for WA. Only Civil stamp.
  4. Thanks, but I’ve done my DD. While that one has a lot of features that I do want, not quite what I was looking for.
  5. Jackass rig? What sort of holster you thinking of. I’m pretty sure I have a spare OWB holster or two for the 17. I have a Safariland SLS duty holster you can have, but the model is for X300 light.
  6. Me too. I’ve asked many times what the reason why or intended benefit, but usually don’t get much. Often it’s “because X advocates for it, so I gotta do” type Fanboy following.
  7. Lots of mindless regurgitation. I’m the type who wants to always try for myself and add aspects of various instructors, personal experience and observation. I do cringe when I hear people spew stuff that I know they just recently heard from an “expert”. I do think there are certain things that need to be in order to be accurate, but liken Etho, as long as the person is safe, I’m good with them finding their “own way”. I HATE the types that are absolute on everything. Like places like Frontsight who force you to shoot Weaver. I’ve never been there, but know many who have gotten addicted to their flavor Kool-Aid.
  8. I came close to getting a 5-20-something for my 700, but just couldn’t pull the trigger on they kind of money at the time. Splurging on this one.
  9. Nightforce is a leading contender. 🤔
  10. Yeah. I know what you mean. There are many considerations and limitations. I mostly shoot with a 1x red dot, so I feel mostly limited to my ability to see and ID something. Another consideration I often hear about is limitation, or maybe more effective range, of ammo. I often hear people mention matching the range of the ammo to the entire system. For me, the 1-8 is part of the latter. Partially wanting to see if a magnified optic will help also in getting better precision in the 100-200 yard range. That’s more for testing “what if’s” of the gun, but like you sad, many “what if’s” beyond that. What could be done.
  11. Good discussion topic. I’d like to respond more when I have more time and on my laptop. I’ve always valued fundamentals in the various things I do and especially shooting. A training group that I’ve been shooting with the past couple of years really stress fundamentals. That doesn’t necessarily mean deliberate all the time, but it am certainly starts there. I’ve taken their basic and more “beginner” courses multiple times and I always find that I enjoy and my shooting benefits from it. Like any perishable skill, takes work. Especially useful as I have been sort of off and on with shooting the past year or so.
  12. Drck

    aluminum case ammo

    I’ve shot a bunch of aluminum cases 9 mm. Think mostly Blazer and some other. I didn’t notice anything. Like mentioned already, aluminum is pretty soft. I’ve shot steel cases 9 mm and .223. No problems with 9 mm. Have had problems with .223 Tula, but I’m pretty sure that’s mostly the loading as opposed to the casing. I set up an AR specifically to test that, but haven’t done the testing yet.
  13. I always wondered why folks thought they need a gun for defense in the 200+ yard range. I mean the different areas people live can make a difference. I mean there could be reasons, I can think of many where I live, which is pretty urban. That said, I’m putting together a setup with a 1-8. Pretty excited about it. Have everything at least ordered except for the scope.
  14. Drck

    Holosum 503GU

    I’ve heard good things about the Holosun 503. No personal experience, but I have a cop and training instructor friend that has a Holosun (like Aimpoint) on his training gun and it has held up well.
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