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  1. Nope 😩 We are May Issue, but it’s like 4-5 people total have gotten approved. All either former LEO or politicians.
  2. 9 mm prices are good now, so... Do it!
  3. I think they sell Mechanix at the local Home Depot and Lowe’s. With things getting colder up there, I’m sure gloves will be helpful
  4. 4” barrel! Yeah, I think I have handguns with longer barrels. Compactness must be nice though.
  5. Drck


    Ok. Just realize that diagnostics like that with dry fire isn’t a true measure since the recoil isn’t replicated.
  6. Drck


    This is with dry fire, correct?
  7. Drck

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    I have a Ruger Redhawk with 7-1/2” barrel and it was quite mild with even factory .44 Mag.
  8. Drck


    And that would be? Yanking trigger?
  9. Ahh. I haven’t modded any of my current Glocks. Thinking of getting a 19 and having a local guy stipple and do some other frame mods now that I have my CCW for multiple states. If I haven’t been shooting consistently, which is often these days, a day on the range will make my middle finger sore. Multi day class if definitely gloves or some tape.
  10. Drck


    No, but a few in a local forum mentioned trying. There’s another one out too, but I don’t remember the name.
  11. You don’t have the “Glock knuckle”? If I haven’t shot in a while, I can get a blister in my middle finger where it hits the trigger guard.
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