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  1. Drck

    M&P 2.0 Compact

    I want to give their 2.0 series a try. Was thinking of a full size 9 mm with RDS, then this CV19 crap hit the fan.
  2. Nice! I'm not a fan of the Krink versions, but I know they are very popular.
  3. Drck

    2013 Ford Fusion

    Nice! How much cash were you carrying around?
  4. Drck

    Rock Island M206

    $140? Wow! I have a RIA 1911 9mm and it's been awesome. I know many folks who have RIA 1911s in both 9 and 45 and they are very good guns, especially for the money.
  5. Ahh. Good to get feedback from someone I respect. I've heard so many say that it's an issue, but no real idea on context. Are they a fudd that stare at anyone who shoots semi-autos because they "throw brass"? That's different.
  6. I've shot quite a bit out of the 5.56 and 9 mm versions. I don't mind the ergos, but they would take some time for me to get fully used to. The stock trigger is ass, but there are some good aftermarket triggers available. Overall, it's way overpriced for me to seriously consider buying one, but I do see their utility in many ways. However, that utility isn't really what I am looking for or particularly need.
  7. I was just wondering how big a deal the gas blow back was. I’ve shot some suppressed, but don’t remember it being a big deal. Or at least wasn’t line “holy shit that sucks”. Maybe I was just so enamored with shooting what I can’t have.
  8. Do you have one of those suppressor specific charging handles? No suppressor for me, so no idea.
  9. Drck

    Finally it came

    Yeah And I don't reload, but even if I did, I would always try factory ammo when shooting a gun for the first time.
  10. Drck

    Finally it came

    Ohh, I might have to sign up for that. The RMR price is about $25-50 below best sales I've ever seen. I heard of them before. Just never knew what was available and what pricing.
  11. Drck

    Finally it came

    $672 is VERY good considering Salient work/collaboration.
  12. Drck

    Finally it came

    Very nice! How much did that set you back? I picked up two G19 Salients in their black Friday sale last year. I've been interested in Canik, but gets expensive when expanding (mags and holsters).
  13. Nice! I want to get a bolt action 22. Came close to getting a Savage a while back. Looking forward to hearing how it shoots.
  14. I tried one with my Salient Glock 19 and didn't like it. When loaded full, the top round seemed to bind up and not chamber consistently. Maybe it would take some time to wear in, but that turned me off to them. The Salient came with Magpul Glock mags and I am really liking them. They have functioned well, seems like the springs are stronger than Glock OEM mags, so they eject more positively, and are way cheaper than Glock OEM mags. The only thing I don't care for is that they only have indicators for full, which for me is 10 rounds. Anything between 2-9, I'm guessing what's in there. Not a big deal, but when I'm in a class or training session, I like to see what I have left in a given mag.
  15. I’ve seen both. I don’t own one, bit many shooter friend here do. I have a M&P 22 and my dad’s High Standard, so that’s enough 22s for me. Maybe a 22 rifle one day.
  16. Drck

    Ultra dot scopes

    Ahh. No experience with those and haven’t seen any. I think C-More and other similar are pretty common for open division guns I’ve seen.
  17. Advantage Arms 22 conversions were popular. Guess Glock wanted their own.
  18. The more I read their articles and videos, the more I realize how big goobers they are. It appears that they’ve gotten better over the years, but they have posted some stuff that would (or should) make experiences shooters scratch their heads.
  19. Drck

    Ultra dot scopes

    What’s an ultra dot? I have a couple of RMRs on handguns.
  20. I remember when a guy was shooting his 6mm something or other in a range in AK suppresssed. Was still damn loud. I assumed it was the supersonic crack.
  21. 0.30 for which gun(s)? .308 Win? Ahh, so 0.45 can be used to a range of calibers?
  22. Nice! What other calibers are you getting cans for? I’d love one for 9 mm.
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