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  1. I'm itching from the sheer amount of mosquitos I think inhabit that place! Good fun on the water, though.
  2. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    i hate all of you so much right now.
  3. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    Good action!! I didn't do any last night. we were doing the flashpoints. RNG is still being greedy. Running armor 6 levels below everything else and cant get a drop to save my life. my whole fireteam was getting exotics from the pub events. I got a single legendary. boots.....that were 9 below my current level. Y tho destiny?!
  4. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    Daaaamn. Id be piiiissseed. Sounds like something fun to do to my buddies, though. hahha
  5. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    I can get that hunter up some steep stuff with ease. My Titan looks like a drone operated by a 2 year old.
  6. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    I am too used to hunter. I can't get used to the damn Titan glide.
  7. sweet shooter, man. Thanks for uploading this.
  8. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    happy Monday, nerds. not too much going on this weekend, was busier than a 1 legged man at an ass kicking contest. Picked up vigilance wing from xur and the titan and lock helmet for when I get those to 20. got about halfway through the campaign (ish) on my titan. Last thing I did last night was the 2 competitive crucible matches to unlock normal crucible. Definitely want that iron banner gear for the hunter. looks sweet as balls.
  9. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    XUR HAS VIGILANCE WING! I have been grinding for that pulse, dangit.
  10. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    thanks for that bit of reading, bunnyhomo. whoot, iron banner loot!
  11. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    whooot! that's the info I have wanted but have been too lazy to look for!
  12. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    Shit man. My bad. Now I feel bad.
  13. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    I don't do ikoras meditations. I need to be. I did get an exotic drop last night. Wardriff coil. Only my 3rd one. 2nd with an arc roll. Niiiiccceee. We ran some crucible last night and absolutely wrecked the first 2 rounds. Last round was a loss but damn close. I haaaaaate securing crests. Just lemme shoot somebody in the face and move on, dammit.
  14. voodoo

    Destiny 2

    go run your pinky toe into a bedpost. I hate your face.
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