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  1. I agree completely. Would love to put an Ace entry or a MTF minimal on it but just not worth it .
  2. Got a new phone so was able to get a couple of pics of the PSA pistol
  3. Good comments drck. For once in the last 6yrs I'm out shooting my daughter. She hasn't shot in 8 months and doesn'tnt have the same base fundamentals to fall back on. Well she does, just not as much time with them. Shooting is perishable and the stronger your fundamentals the quicker you can get back to speed after a break.
  4. That's cool and you should be excited!
  5. Good write up and correct in my mind. Same thing I tell my 13yr old daughter
  6. Good chance I will do the same once I save up for an SB. The PDW and SB3 look like good options
  7. Bob

    aluminum case ammo

    Thanks. The metallurgy didn't work in my mind. Knowing that steel won't damage a gun, how could aluminum? Unless it was a pressure or some other thing I wasn't seeing.
  8. For me this was a fun build more than anything else. Yea I don't think I would use the blade brace again. It's name is perfect. The blade cuts right into your shoulder
  9. I heard at the range last night that these can. " damage your gun". Didn't make sense to me and a Google search only came up with 1 issue that could have been a out of spec firing pin on a new gun. I don't run it but was wondering what you all have seen or know
  10. Just saw 1 of those last night. But it was a fail to feed in a PSA AR9. Guy was running cheap after market glock mags and couldn't figure out why
  11. I just can't justify under 10.5 because the 556 is so velocity dependent. I think the Damn thing bruised mine! I don't I had it in the shoulder pocket right. Got lazy with the M4gery.
  12. I was only shooting at 15yards but when I did my part holes where touching. The shooting world is more superstitious than the Indians. O and the shockwave is Not a comfortable option. Not terrible but good.
  13. You were/are right. It wasn't bad at all. I was expecting much worse. Saved my money and ears!
  14. Bob

    Holosum 503GU

    I am really going to like this sight
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