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  1. Bob

    3d printers

    Don't I know it. I still need to get my reloading stuff set up.
  2. Bob

    3d printers

    A guy at work has 1 and said he is amazed at all the stuff he has printed for around the house, his boat and other things. Figures he has paid for it already.
  3. Bob

    3d printers

    The basic printer is $200 the better 1 which has a bigger build surface is $350 but for $500-$600 you can get a very nice 1 now
  4. Bob

    3d printers

    Yep. It's like $100 for a roll of it and will last a couple thousand rounds. Printing frames would be for range guns and just because. I'm more looking at it for mags and accessory. The file for 80 percent AR lower jig is also available. It's amazing how far it's come.
  5. Bob

    3d printers

    There still are, but depending on what you use you can reduce it drastically. You can now get the same stuff the nylon 66 was made out of and that stuff is tough but expensive.
  6. Bob

    3d printers

    Has anyone here played with one? I can't believe how cheap they are and how far they have come. What some people are doing is amazing. Besides grips and hand stops, they are printing mags and frames for Glock and Ruger pistols. I was thinking of doing a polymer 80 frame, but you can get a printer for less than 2 frames.
  7. Thanks. Wish Magpul made mags for M&P's.
  8. I'm reading the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. Reading The Third Option now. I have read most of them before so they are going quick.
  9. Excellent read. I have read it a couple of times!
  10. I picked up 2 of these, 1 17 rounder and a 30. Figured I would give them a try since they are half the price of factory mags. Plus I wanted to see if the 30 rounder is reliable enough for a 9mm AR build. Initial impressions are skeptical. They are completely polymer, including feed lips and mag catch slots. Feed lips are less of a concern than the slots. I realize Glocks are the same but from my understanding the Glock mag catch is also polymer, where the m&p is metal. Now I just need to start running them. Anyone here ever use these mags? In any platform?
  11. My wife learned on a Walther P22 and moved seamlessly to the PK380. With the Glock 44 now out could be a great way to start her towards the g19
  12. Have her try a Walther PK380 or the S&W Shield 380ez. My wife also has issues with that. Got her the PK380 and she has no issues.
  13. TFB was claiming that a threaded barrel was going to be available as a factory option. Also claiming a 15 round magazine was going to be available or standard.
  14. Nice looking piece of history. Enjoy it.
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