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  1. Bob

    It’s adorable!

    Nice. I love my LC9.
  2. Growing up never wore ear pro shooting. We shot a bunch of 22lr, plus hunting. So I don't even think about it with a 22 rifle. But you are correct about 45acp. When I started shooting 9mm I was amazed at how "sharp" the report was, even with plugs in.
  3. Fucking brilliant on the 45acp! Never even considered it, but yes.
  4. His voice is kind of annoying, but a lot of good info
  5. I believe you are talking about the same reason you do Not use a 22lr to get dogs used to being around gun fire. You are better off starting them with a 410, because it is less "painful" to them.
  6. Bob

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    I have a LC9 that I got in trade a couple years ago. Mine is the hammer fired not stricker fired model. Dam thing is unstoppable! And I have tried! It has gone swimming with me a couple of times when bowfishing, covered in pocket lint and marsh muck. Rinse the crap off in the river and it functions perfectly. Personally I think my 1911 is a more comfortable carry piece, but it will never see the kind of abuse I have put the LC9 through, and I don't know if it would keep running like the Ruger has. Finish on the slide is coming off and it will start to "rust" if I don't wipe it down with oil regularly. Also I pushed the tiny ass safety down "off" and left it off. Between the looong trigger and a good holster I believe it is perfectly safe. It is so small it's only purpose is to shut the lawyers up. I have never shot a Shield so I can't compare the 2. Now Ruger has made the EC9s which is even cheaper and supposedly just as good. The Shield is a known winner and I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  7. Thanks! Got a big family cook out, but skipping the fireworks, cause I work tomorrow.
  8. Bob

    Glock gen 2 or 3

    I found them at kings firearms online store. Same place I got the unissued M&P 9L.
  9. Bob

    Glock gen 2 or 3

    LEO trade in Glock 17's are $319 for Gen2 and $369 for Gen3. Are the Gen3's worth the extra $?
  10. I agree completely. Would love to put an Ace entry or a MTF minimal on it but just not worth it .
  11. Got a new phone so was able to get a couple of pics of the PSA pistol
  12. Good comments drck. For once in the last 6yrs I'm out shooting my daughter. She hasn't shot in 8 months and doesn'tnt have the same base fundamentals to fall back on. Well she does, just not as much time with them. Shooting is perishable and the stronger your fundamentals the quicker you can get back to speed after a break.
  13. That's cool and you should be excited!
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