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  1. Thanks for replying guys. I just ordered one.
  2. Just curious if anyone has the Smittybilt GEAR seat covers or something similar to it. If you have them, do they hold up? I need a storage solution where I can put my small hunting gears and other stuff.
  3. Nice review and photos. Enjoy your new firearm.
  4. That's one serious rifle. Love it!
  5. Small yet a good looking blade. Like it!
  6. jwaren8

    Glock 46

    I know Beretta has this kind of rotating barrel before.
  7. Applying some petroleum jelly using a Q tip can help prevent rust also.
  8. I don't put corn syrup in my alabama white sauce also.
  9. Check out Under Armour's coldgear clothing.
  10. jwaren8

    Gen 5 Glock

    Nice to know that Glock 5 is an all Mags compatible.
  11. I have a Sightmark. Good quality and works great.
  12. I have a Midway USA. Good bag and reasonable.
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