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  1. Gran Torino

    I'm back

    Bob! I thought maybe you had died. Are you a computer Guru now?
  2. Gran Torino

    She's here

  3. Gran Torino

    Adventures with the homeless....

  4. Gran Torino

    Two Bowies available....

    The second Bowie is still available and is reduced to $165.....includes the custom leather sheath and a free smaller knife with kydex sheath of my choosing.
  5. Gran Torino

    Adventures with the homeless....

    What a mess you work in down there.
  6. Gran Torino

    Four totally unique knives....

    Display stands included at no extra cost for remaining blades.
  7. Gran Torino

    Four totally unique knives....

    Things they have in common.... made with 1084 carbon steel all have a stone washed finish all come with combo kydex/leather sheath shown Each is $150 shipped #1 Made from 1/8" thick steel....blade length about 61/4" but actual cutting edge is about 3 3/4" due to design. OAL is about 10 1/2". Handle is Purple Leaf Plum with Bubinga and white G10 accents and liners. Pins and lanyard tube are brass. #2 Made from 3/16" thick steel. Blade length about 6" but admittedly the cutting edge is somewhat interrupted by its design. OAL is 10 1/2". Handle is Spalted Elm with Redheart accent and black G10 liners. Pins and lanyard tube are SS. #3 3/16" thick...5 1/2" blade with 3" cutting edge due to design. OAL 10 1/4" Handle is curly Maple with green and grey accents with green G10 liners. Pins and lanyard tube are SS. #4 3/16" steel...OAL 9 3/4" and blade at 5". Steel is sculpted at the front and top front edge of spine. It also has some file work alone the spine as well. The handle is roasted curly Maple with additional Shaping/sculpting and brass pins and lanyard tube.
  8. Gran Torino

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    That's not entirely true....a few months back there was a couple YouTubers...Lauren Southern and Stephan Molenieu (SP) that were scheduled to tour you country and the left leaning MSM and other Lefties banned together to get their engagements cancelled cause they were afraid a different view than their own would wake up your masses.
  9. Gran Torino

    Is it just me? Two Different Societies

    I spend some time on YouTube...mostly related to knife making, steels, design etc. I do however watch a couple of popular folks on the tube as far as left wing loonies, biased MSM, yada yada yada. From all that goes on out there in left leaning biased land I can tell you these people are out of their fucking minds without getting political. The MSM is totally biased and perpetuates untold lies every day. I can't tell you about the hundreds of examples but the latest Supreme Court Nominee, the kid recently slandered and now sueing MSM, Hollywood "celebrities", and this Jessie Smollet bullshit in Shitcago to name a couple. Every fucking thing is slanted, lied about etc. There is no verification on anything anymore. It's easier to lie of the front page and offer a retraction (if any) in small print on page 9 a week later. Millennials are the worst but not alone. Anyone that thinks we should support the masses even if the don't want to work (Ocasio), free college, healthcare, housing, food, condoms and expects you and me to pay for it is insane. You have Democrats that are fucking admitted socialists and we all know how the turned out for the USSR, Venezuala, North Korea and the rest. The Democrats are turning a hard left and there is not talking to them. Aaaannnnnyyyyway......Fuck them, their 27 different sexes, and now seeking to pass laws to allow abortions on full term babies. That's right full term and then just go ahead and murder them before they pull them out. Look it up. I quit...I was trying to lead a mother fucking stress free life.
  10. Gran Torino

    Hey db

  11. Gran Torino

    Adventures with the homeless....

    How does this place you work at not have security patrols? That's fucking insane....I don't know how you put up with that crap. WTF good are your unions out there? Do they not address security and protection for their members?
  12. Gran Torino

    Hey Vic

    Well it is your day....why would you ever agree to that?
  13. Gran Torino

    Hey Vic

  14. Gran Torino

    Same blade blank....very different looks...

    #2 is gone.....only #1 remains.

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