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  1. I have 4 of this styles of knife but with different handle combinations if you are interested. They should be finished next week and I can PM pictures of them to you once they are finished.
  2. I like it. I still have 3 1911's and they are pretty much been used and abused over the years. I have an old series 70 Colt that rattles unbelievably but is still accurate and reliable. I don't recall it ever not firing when asked to.
  3. Damn boy....you're funny even when you are sleeping.
  4. Gran Torino


    Nope...I don't forget shit like that.
  5. I had a great weekend....the missus is out of town visiting daughter and grand kids in Shitcago so I did laundry, mopped floors, vacuumed, washed the dogs, cut some grass and generally spent that entire day miserable. But doing it all in one day frees me up to have a relaxing week.
  6. Gran Torino

    New members

    People have good in them? Really? I hadn't noticed. I do like my dogs though...unconditional love and all that.
  7. This is headed to the leather guy to make a nice sheath and I'll post pictures when it returns. To give you an idea how freakin' expensive this sheath/knife combo is just the handles...authentic Sanbar Stag from India cost $160 not including shipping to me. It's made to order..it's what he wanted and really the Sanbar Stag is the best. The color, density is far superior to elk, deer and the rest.
  8. And now I have orders for 4 more. Different handles but same blade. 11 1/2" OAL beauty with a false edge and hollow grind. The blade is right at 6" long. it has over 500 layers to achieve it's look. It's about 3/16" thick at the spine. It has ebony, faux ivory handle with purple heart insert, black and grey G10 accents with black liners. Mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube.
  9. God I love that country. Been to all those places multiple times over the last 50 years. AZ is not all desert contrary to popular opinion. If things would have worked out a bit different over the years I'd be living near Flagstaff right now.
  10. So I'm at a loss as what do order as I don't know what he wants....size, shape, thickness yada yada yada. I'd be happy to make a blade for him but I need details. Show him these two in this post and see if it rattles his cage.
  11. So does he want one like yours or a different style?
  12. They are both gone men. Thanks for lookin'!
  13. I hadn't planned on it but do you have something special in mind?
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