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  1. Yeah it wasn't too bad a lot less than I was anticipating, no doubt with the 300gr projectiles it will be worse
  2. https://www.leupold.com/scopes/rifle-scopes/fx-ii-scout-ier-2-5x28mm
  3. https://youtu.be/kf4D74UdSuk
  4. Blae

    I'm back

    Hey bobber
  5. Blae

    She's here

    Congratulations mate
  6. Blae

    busy at work

    Got two this morning
  7. Blae

    Hey db

    Happy birthday mate
  8. Blae

    Hey Vic

    Happy birthday mate
  9. Picked up the scout today Will take photos tomorrow Waiting on projectiles to load some rounds before I destroy my shoulder
  10. Blae

    busy at work

    It was inside a dam square where cattle couldn't get to it And it got a bullet and scalped
  11. Blae

    busy at work

    Not my trap but a long legged and skinny bitch
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