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  1. My Youngest daughter go one of those up at college when her older one died. Runs pretty good!
  2. That was all Bullshit, Stalin played FDR like a Fiddle and FDR's Cabinet was riddled with Card Carrying Commies. They needed our stuff is all. It all came out in Documents after the Fall of the U.S.S. R.
  3. I remember training for that in 1983. It was called " Men and a Jeep" . A 3 man team would have a Jeep with a trailer filled with L.A.W. and other Anti Armor Shoulder fired missiles. We had a series of Defensive lines, where we'd ambush their tanks with a barrage of rockets, Hop in the jeep and haul ass for the Next ambush line. The idea was to trade land for time so our tanks and A-10 tank killers could get in the fight. Intel said we had No chance because the Soviets had so much armor. After the Fall, we found out that they kept Everything on inventory since WWII !. Half their shit was obsolete and/or barley capable. They sure planned on Winning it.
  4. I put a Kidd Inovations Trigger in mine, Best money I ever spent...……………………….ok, Second best.😉
  5. 🤣 Well, I hope you can get out and start blasting soon. How's the trigger?
  6. 😄 You're acting like a kid waiting for his first hand-job......in a good way! Congratulations, Vic! enjoy.
  7. Dammit Don! That third one is a nice K-Bar style. It would just be a letter opener for me, though. I like several, but the Wife would split me from throat to crotch with it, if I got one.
  8. Just saw this (On Netflix, I think?) For me, this was a gem, loved it. Don't let the title fool you. Watch and Pay Attention. The Great Sam Elliot is in it, so that tells you something right there. I think I'm going to need to see this a few more times, it's a thinker.
  9. Oh.....Feel the Joy. Nothing to be ashamed of.
  10. Dupa220

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    Good thing you didn't get hurt. I didn't know you picked up a Dan Wesson?
  11. Dupa220


    Nope, Still makes me want to drop 10k bombs on afghan villages.
  12. and a can of whipped cream, I hope? Happy B-day, Satch.
  13. had a Walleye cook out UP North.
  14. Yeah, as soon as it's on The Roku movie on demand, I'll get it.
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