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  1. Dupa220

    Well CRAP!!!!!!

    Good thing you didn't get hurt. I didn't know you picked up a Dan Wesson?
  2. Dupa220


    Nope, Still makes me want to drop 10k bombs on afghan villages.
  3. and a can of whipped cream, I hope? Happy B-day, Satch.
  4. had a Walleye cook out UP North.
  5. Yeah, as soon as it's on The Roku movie on demand, I'll get it.
  6. Dupa220

    Police Trade Ins

    I used to get some steals at Michigan Police Supply, on the other side of town.
  7. Dupa220

    Pocket 9 Opinions?

    LC9 was way to small for my dickbesters.
  8. Well, Look at you, you old Coot! 😁
  9. Dupa220

    Sad news

    Jesus!, That's terrible! Always Liked that guy.
  10. Not into the Pistol builds anymore, but I just got a PSA 16" flattop upper. took just over a week to get here./
  11. Dupa220

    So WTH?

    You know it's the Fossil fucking it up. Probably trying to type code with his original Morse Code Transmitter.
  12. Dupa220

    I'm back

    Good luck , Bobber!
  13. I''ll assume he had a ton of meth in him? We see that stuff every weekend at Home College Football Games here.
  14. Dupa220

    Dick Dale is Dead.

    Well shit, Dick Dale Died, All Hail the King, babies. The King of Surf Guitar.
  15. I like that! Starts off almost like Dick Dale Surf Music.
  16. I bet he could get 300 meters with "Bring me Lutefisk "
  17. That goes back to the Andy Warhol "everyone will be famous for 15 minutes" thing. Several generations now think that's something to aspire to. They crave Fame to validate their existence, I guess? Nearly every day I hear how "Social media" is Outraged! or Shocked or Condemning something or someone. Who the fuck cares? They truly believe their tweet matters and the Media uses that to push an agenda, Mostly with no facts or thoughts, just run with mob mentality. I live in a "Fly-over" State, I think everyone here but Jred does? And that's the way I like it. the Dumbasses can keep flying right over thinking they rule the Country.
  18. I thought that was hinky as hell, right off. I did misfigure motive though. I figured he offered them money so he could blow them or some twisted shit and they kicked his ass.
  19. Cool. Tactical Solutions makes good stuff. I still have that Blus Ruger mkII .22 From Tac Sol
  20. Dupa220

    Hey Vic

    Happy happy, old man. 😀
  21. I had a Kimber ,22 conversion for my Kimber 45 1911, worked very well, but you have to keep them sparkling clean.
  22. Not sure? I think My Dad bought a VHS player in 1977? Costs like $1100.00 I think?
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