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  1. On this day, August 2nd 1876, Deadwood legend Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed by The coward Jack McCall. That fateful day, Wild Bill had his back to the entrance of the Saloon No 10, engaged in a game of poker and holding what would later become known as the "Dead Man's Hand" - a pair each of aces and eights - when Jack McCall entered and shot Wild Bill in the back of the head. Deadwood mourned over the loss of Wild Bill Hickok, and eventually Jack McCall had to face his own fate in consequence. Wild Bill is laid to rest at Deadwood's Mount Moriah Cemetery.
  2. Normally on Memorial Day I’m at our family’s graveyard on the White Earth Reservation paying my respects but this last Monday I was in Deadwood South Dakota so decided to pay my respects at Mount Moriah Cemetery. I always visit Mount Moriah when in Deadwood but this time was special. There was only a few people wandering around and was a cloudy morning with a dry drizzle and fog, very serene. Here’s a few pictures from that morning.
  3. I recently renewed my CCW and thought I would retire my trusty Glock 19 to the safe and treat myself to a new carry pistol. Behold the The Springfield XD Mod.2 .45ACP Sub-Compact.
  4. The article is meant as a joke but traditional Indians, especially Ojibwe people will point with their lips and not their fingers. It’s is thought of as inpolite and not respectful to point with your fingers. izhidooneni - he is pointing with lips.
  5. Lawrence Guimond, 32, has broken the world record for the 100-metre Lip Point on Sunday, after successfully directing his son to get his wallet on the dresser in his bedroom while seated in his truck in his driveway. Lip Pointing, a non-verbal communication used in many Indigenous communities, involves pursing the lips to ‘point’ at something or someone. “Let’s see, get my wallet, boy,” Guimond told his 10-year-old son when he was leaving his house. When his son asked where it was, Guimond pointed with his lips towards his house and simply uttered ‘over there.’ So precise were his lips, witnesses said, that his son knew instantly that he was pointing at his dresser, which was in his bedroom. Guimond’s Lip Pointing breaks a previous record held by Elsie Mukwa, 83. a northern Saskatchewan woman who successfully instructed her granddaughter to get her purse located 100-metres away on a counter. https://walkingeaglenews.com/2018/02/20/first-nations-man-breaks-100-meter-lip-point-record/
  6. scotto

    Photo bomb

    So we had a great time with family and friends at my cabin over the Labor Day weekend with lots of kids running around. My daughter took this selfie and it wasn’t till she was reviewing the pictures when she noticed the background.
  7. August 2, 1876 - James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok sat with his back to the door at Nuttal and Mann's Saloon No. 10 playing a game of poker. At 4:15 p.m., Jack McCall walked into the saloon, approached Wild Bill from behind, and shot him in the back of the head. Wild Bill died immediately. In his hand were a pair of Aces and Eights, forever known as the "Dead Man's Hand."
  8. Getting there. 12” bagger bars and new grips.
  9. scotto

    Dojo Photos

    Today’s memory’s
  10. I been watching but if it wasn't for the new character John I probably would have quit. I liked the flash back episode with him and Naomi but after last nights episode,, well,, if John's gone I'm gone. I didn't quite get why the people in the caravan was camped out in front of the stadium, I mean if they wanted to starve them out why did they let them go scavenge for supplies?
  11. LoL, I thought the same thing; the new windshield was shorter then the old one so I need a lower seat, the lower seat sits back further then the old one so I need different bars, the new bars are taller then the old one so I need longer cables, If I'm getting new cables I might as well get new controls, etc, etc etc.... ha ha ha.. Oh well I don't ever planning on selling this old bike even if I was to get a newer one so I want to get it right.
  12. Little more involved, will have to extend all the wiring and get longer clutch and brake cables. If I go that route I'll probably get new controls (master cylinder, switch's, brake and clutch lever, etc.)
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