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  1. I will pay more attention to the Gen. 5's when they come out in MOS. My eyes are getting older and a RMR sight is going to be in my future.
  2. One issue with the pignose that may have some small negative effect. The use of the accessory rail may result in less than perfectly level mounting of the device.
  3. 550 has had one mag fired. Bought it a month ago new Im selling because I bought a mp shield ported and love it glocks been cleaned and collecting dust.
  4. could be i wasnt aware of it but this last franchi o&u seems to be a great great trap gun. i have had a couple older franchi autos that seemed to be well balanced, fast to shoulder, and reliable.
  5. What do yall know about the Winchester 670? I have a done a little research but was trying to get your opinion on accuracy, reliability, value, etc. Thanks
  6. I have a 9mm AR pistol, and a SBR daniel defense short AR. The pistols are actually pretty fun to shoot but I would suggest not dealing with PSA. Ive built so many ARs over the years and helped a few friends last year who did the PSA kits and they have had nothing but issues.
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