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  1. KZero

    Hey Thumper!!

    Happy Birthday, bud!
  2. Glad everyone's OK after wadding the last one. Maybe stick to letting the missus drive this one, eh?
  3. Looks cool as hell, can't wait to see how it does for you.
  4. That's a great-looking place, lots of work there. Too bad it's located where it is, it's probably just a matter of time before it's shat on again. Can't get over how expensive things are there. I don't know what it'd take to sod my yard, but $70k is more than the entire property is worth.
  5. Good luck landing the new gig. It's always frustrating when an employer is fucking your eyes out every time you turn around. A big change may be just the thing. I hope it come through for you.
  6. KZero

    random 1

    Beautiful scene there Red. Nice capture!
  7. For those times you want to drop bullets on a target, but don't have an airplane! That's some amazing shooting though.
  8. Damn! It just dawned on me that I missed it! And I was off and everything.
  9. Those look outstanding, Don. And (the woodworker in me speaking) that spalted elm is to die for!
  10. Yes indeed, it is. Thanks for the well-wishes, y'all!
  11. I imagine a lot of it has to do with the overall weight as well. One of the very things that makes it easier to handle for youth can really work against it if it goes too far.
  12. Thanks for the sentiments, fellas!
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