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  1. So I'm late to the game as usual. Today I picked up a macro lens for the Oly M43 and decided that it was time to try and learn more about focus stacking. I set up the camera on the tripod and focused on the front edge of an orchid's naughty bits and came up with this ... Sharp and all that shit, but @ f2.8 there was almost no DOF. I could have stretched the DOF a bit by going to a smaller aperture, but long before it got to the DOF I wanted it would have been too soft from diffraction limitations. I set up the camera to take 25 shots (starting with the above) and stepping the focus in a *bit* with each one till it got to shot 25. Shot 25 ... I stacked all 25 shots into one frame using 'Photomerge' (Photoshop) then blended the layers together using only the bits that were in focus and came up with ... Damn. It's about time I added this to my bag of tricks. Addendum - there's no reason you couldn't do this with even a manual focus lens. You don't need your camera to do it for you - it just takes a *whack* less fucking around.
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