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  1. The Glock 26 is a damn fine sub-compact pistol. I love mine, always have and always will. It is my main concealed carry pistol aside from my little LCP which is just a pure comfort thing. The Glock 26 has a damn respectable capacity at 10+1, fits in a pocket if one absolutely needs it to and carries pretty well IWB. The magazines from a 19, 17 and even an 18 stick mag fit. That's always been the biggest draw in my opinion. Carry 10+1 onboard and have 15, 17, 33 rounds available in a reload. That's a huge bonus. So what's the downside for some people, no weapon light. This may not seem like a big deal but threat ID is big for everyone, or should be anyway. Weather it be from a flashlight or a weapon light. There's downsides to ONLY a weaponlight but that's another conversation for another day. So the Glock 26 can't have a weaponlight in the traditional sense because it doesn't have a rail. Enter the Streamlight TLR-6. So how well does it work? It's 100 lumens. By todays standards....weak as fuck. By 10 years ago standards...normal. So it is useable since it isn't battling the sun for brightest fucking thing ever? Absofuckinglutely it is. It is in my opinion at least. I also think I have some qualification to say whether it is or not considering I carried/used/shot a pistol at minimum 4 nights a week in the dark for close to 10 years. If anyone feels otherwise, well okay. But I've been there and done that in the dark a couple times and believe this light gets it done at DISTANCES RELATIVE TO IT'S INTENDED PURPOSE. It secures to the trigger guard as opposed to the dust cover. Not the most secure, but it does work. The only real movement I got was you can pull it down from the "nose" of it but not off. You can see it fitted here. The buttons on the side but turn it on/off. The screws which clamp it around the trigger guard are seen here. There's three. This is what it looks like in my room inside the house. Very typical interior lighting. Actually this room typically has more light since the monitor for our cameras is in here. But I turned it off just to give a little better idea of how well it works. This is outside in my yard. I'm pointing my phone/camera to the back corner of my yard, probably 20-25 yards away. Before and after of course. Again, very typical lighting situation in an urban environment. So is it acceptable for a pistol, especially a non-railed subcompact pistol. Yeah...it is. Very much so. Anyone who says it isn't, is a dumbass in my opinion. Is it bright enough for long range use with a rifle or similar, no but it isn't meant to be either. Those bright as the fucking sun lights have their place, but sometimes it's okay to have less depending on the use. This is one of those times when a small 100 lumen light works just fine. It easily lights a room inside a house and easily lights up a yard at 20ish yards away. 20 yards is further than most people can even reliably hit with a handgun much less a sub-compact or pocket pistol like an LCP, BodyGuard, XDS and so on.
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